Movies Galore takes a look at Director Andrew Jones film “Haunting At The Rectory” based on one of the most haunted locations in England from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us again by Independent Moving Pictures and North Bank Entertainment by director Andrew Jones (Amityville Asylum, Robert, Curse of Robert And The Last House on Cemetery Lane) is a film about one of the most haunted homes in England: The Borley Rectory.

Frank (Bane) a drifting handyman from France arrives at the Rectory about a job working for Reverond Lionel Foyster (Bonington) … Marriane (Garton) answers the door…

The good Reverand welcomes Frank with open arms and invites the Pennyless Frank to stay in the guest room till he gets on his feet… Marianne on the other hand is trying to get the sexual attentions of her husband not succeeding well.


An uninvited young handsome guest naked in the shower is not what the good reverends wife was expecting having problems of her own… a subtle attraction to the dear Mr. Frank as well as a visitation  of a mysterious Woman, said to be that of a nun I believe as the famous Nun that was in real life Photographed to have been seen at the actual Church Connected to the Rectory… at least that’s what I’ve remembered…


But then again this spiritual presence is again as subtle as the affair happening between Marianne and Frank.  But soon it’s not just Marianne that’s being haunted the Reverand will be too… As he soon suspects his handyman of more than just work… and pain…

i saw a documentary once called Ghosts, Poltergiest and Demons where the Warrens actually went to The Borely Rectory, there was photographic evidence of a woman in white floating down the isle and in the cemetery I believe…. this part of it fascinated me so I feel that some of the spirits in this film are closer to the truth even though the affair is probably fictional between handyman and dear sweat wife.

This film also goes to show once again you really don’t need an enormous cast to pull off performances I feel I must apologize for my statement about not liking (Garton’s) accent for I think I’ve grown accustomed to it now seeing her in several films… I also feel the time period is eccentric and correct to the times.

i enjoyed this film and do recommend it for horror fans for its eerieness though I’d wished it might have produced a bit more history of the Rectory Hauntings.

Starring Lee Bane as Frank, Suzie Frances Garton as Marianne, Tom Bonington as
Lionel, Sarah-Louise Tyler as The Woman.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Andrew Jones feature “The Amityville Asylum” from 2013

Written by David Strege


Brought to us from Independent Moving Pictures and North Bank Entertainment in Association with Amityville Asylum Pictures and Hanover Films is Andrew Jones first film I believe to make U.S. Distribution.

Using Shadows and sounds of shooting (Jones) I feel implicated Defeo was handed a gun and shot his entire family as the whole Ronald Defeo Shooting is left somewhat in mystery… some evidence claims the sister was involved, even more lay claim Mr. Dafao was entirely Schizophrenic.


Reguardless, Lisa Templeton (Del Pizzo) goes for an interview at the no longer Amityville home now turned Asylum for the Insane for a custodial position.

Surprised to recieve a call back from Doctor Elliot Mixter (Morgan) for she’d totally sneezed on him during the interview.  Upon arriving her first day she meets her co-worker Delaney (Bane) for a rundown of her cleaning responsibilities.

Delaney warns her against going down into what the Staff calls Blood Row in the lower depths of the basement holding Class A patient the Criminally Insane… those beyond help… Delaney takes her down and seems to delight in telling her about each resident in Blood Row… like their Resident John Doe… or the ex witch occultist… their cannibal patient…


As Lisa is mopping one of the floors she is visited by the spirit of a little girl who wants to play along with other visitations…

One thing is for certain each staff member is ominous about her sightings… seems they’d all just assume it was in her mind…

Though the film again is slightly slow in it’s approach I feel you’ll find out director Andrew Jones is a great writer for dialogue as well as an all around believable cast.

I think this was a very decent film of ghosts and Hauntings related to the Defeo incident.  The film isn’t scary but it definitely has an eerie feeling… I enjoyed it hope you all do as well…

Also think the patients played the crazy well at parts… so far haven’t watched a film by Jones I haven’t liked yet…

Starring Sophia Del Pizzo as Lisa Templeton, Lee Bane as Delaney, Jared Morgan as Doctor Elliot Mixter, Eileen Daly as Sadie Krenwinkel, Paul Kelleher as Hardcastle, Kenton Hall as Pemberton, Sarah Louise Madison as Allison, Alan Humphreys as Jerry Kimble, Matthew Batte as Dennis Palmer, Ina Marie Smith as Nancy Dennison, Judith Haley as
Mrs. Hardesty, Andy Evason as Atkins, Scott Delap as Steadman, Ritchie Bessant as Face Peeler, Laura Jeffs as Katherine – TV Reporter, Darryl Sloanes as Inmate #1, Carwyn John as Inmate #2, Liam Hobbs as
Inmate #3 – Mark, Sean Robinson as Asylum Inmate, Robert Graham as Asylum Doctor #1, Kevin Foster as Asylum Doctor #2, John Andrews as Patient X.

Movies Galore takes a look at Andrew Jones film sequel to “Robert” called “The Curse of Robert” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us once again by Independent Moving Pictures and Northbank Entertainment Director Andrew Jones (The Amityville Asylum) from the U.K. brings us a direct to video Sequel to Robert as quickly as the first had been marketed slowly creeping onto Walmart shelves…


I guess the first thing I can say is I myself have a connection with one of the Actors (Nigel Barber) having acted in a short film Trilogy I’d Recently funded At least the last two where he played a professor of sorts… (In Limbo, The Telephone, The Viewer directed by Stuart Wheeldon though not in The Viewer) here he plays a man Called Walter Berenson a smuck business man.

Walter Berenson (Barber) makes a business deal acquiring the doll Robert in secret… directly from the Evidence Room.

Emily Barker (Ceri) arrives at night to fullfill a role as one of Walter’s Curating Assistants as she meets the two night watchman as well as Ethel Mason (Gollop) the other assistant.

Right off the bat Emily thinks she sees someone in the Corridor so she tells the night watchmen… one of them appears to be more freindly with her Kevin Underwood (Homewood).


Hndprints inside Roberts cage… then not strange… the other employees start dying and disappearing as the detective Kevin and Emily keep calling to show up when they feel something’s gone wrong doesnt believe a word they say… whom kind of reminds me of the man who always smoked that cigar in the X-Files series but Emily has found out what happened previously and Kevin, Emily find out Walter has erased what’s happened on the tapes.

I do not feel this film was as strong as the first film as far as creepiness goes but it certainly isn’t an entirely bad sequel either .  This feature is certainly much slower but I love the added story of the Toymaker being injected through the film like an almost Andre Toulon type Character… you almost don’t recognize (Lee Bane) underneath that make up so an awesome job to Mr. Bane.


I rather enjoyed the ending but I figured I’d leave that part up to the viewer certainly not bad at all. Enjoy!

Starring Nigel Barber as Walter Berenson, Lee Bane as The Toymaker, Chris Bell as
Officer Sardy, Tiffany Ceri as Emily Barker, Suzie Frances Garton as Jenny Otto, Jason Homewood as Kevin Underwood, Steven Dolton as Detective Bill Atkins, David Bridle as Waiter, Felicity Boylett as Nurse, Bobby Cole as Cafe Customer #1, Christopher Hale as Stan Graves, Clare Gollop as Ethel Mason, Richard Burman as
Police Officer, Kira Brown as Cafe Customer #3, Andrew Williams as Cafe Customer #7, Kate Piper as Cafe Customer #5, Claire Henderson as Cafe Customer #6, Sophie Cole as Cafe Customer #2, Shelly Brown as Cafe Customer #4.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Andrew Jones film “Robert” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Independent Moving Pictures and Northbank Entertainment Product, Andrew Jones brings us the story of Robert a vintage doll now sitting in a Museum in Key West, Florida.

The film begins as a couple appears to be talking to an older woman about strange happenings in their home when she points out it’s not the home but the doll.. three years later…


The Jenny (Frances Garton) an Artist and Paul Otto (Lee Bane whom appears to be Jones’ go-to actor which isn’t a bad thing) have been estranged from eachother and distant as they decide to get rid of their sons’ Nanny Agatha as she’s become neglectful.  Before she leaves she gifts Eugene their son a doll by the Name of Robert.

Already on the first day of having the doll Eugene (Flynn Allen) is already telling Jenny what Robert says shouldn’t be done.  Apparently Robert had already given the boy a rundown of the dos and dont’s.

At night the pitter-patter of feet can be heard and at first it’s small things broken and little pranks.  Jenny thinks at first it’s Eugene as it can not be the Robert or can it?


I feel this first film of Robert was definitely brilliant, I feel a lot of camera shots were shot from the level of what could have been the dolls view…

On another level it is almost a home invasion film not a possession film as the film focused on terrorizing Jenny Otto while her husband was away as pranks turn to death threats.  Although slow at some points the tension does build and with the atmosphere the slight of hand use of mirrors and shadows and sounds I feel this film is Superior to Annabelle in many ways as for one the doll is creeper and two I think the story of this film is original.

I guess my biggest problem is Jenny Ottos accent it is ruggishly Irish or British and though I know this film uses actors and Actresses from the U.K. It is somewhat hard to see or feel the feelings of the mother character for she is supposed to be rather a Rigid character but I feel all the other actors and actresses fit their role well…

Though u don’t hear Robert speak like Chucky the subtle violence in Robert is up there on a level of creepy I think will be remembered.

Of course then again I’m not sure how I’d react with having a past where I’ve heard voices either.

Ultimately this was an enjoyable masterpiece of a slow burner rise to terrorize and I highly recommend Robert.


Starring Suzie Frances Garton as Jenny Otto, Lee Bane as Paul Otto, Flynn Allen as
Gene Otto, Judith Haley as Agatha, Cyd Casados as Debbie, Samuel Hutchison as
Steven, Megan Lockhurst as Martha, Annie Davies as Marcie, Ryan Michaels as Clarence.


Movies Galore takes a look at Director Ian Messenger’s Horror anthology “Fireside Tales” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Catch Me Kill Me Productions and directed by Ian Messenger is a low budget anthology in the vein of Are  You Afraid of the Dark… Fireside Tales…

Donna and her boyfriend Scott drive to meet his freinds… Donna for the first time as for the last three years his group of freinds have been gathering round a campire to try to tell scary stories to horify themselves…


As they arrive two young folks have not arrived but the group begins with the tale “Undertow.” In “Undertow” three freinds drive out to a secluded lake and beach spot to meet their freind Toby… when they get there his car is there and he’s nowhere to be seen.  After awhile the freinds begin searching for Toby not knowing they are not alone…


One by one they are picked off…

The next tale “The Axe Weilding Madman”  a young woman going for a jog is chases screaming by a man wielding an Axe or is it a man at all… not only that the girls father has gone off to search for his missing daughter while another couple is about to run into this Axe wielding foe…. when he’ll really be staring down the face of his fear…


In “The Tormentor” three girls like sisters get together to watch a horror movie… but I don’t think freinds should act so distant and sarcastic to eachother if they were that close.  The power goes out and an unknown asailent wielding a knife or knives Starts a killing spree…

In “Where Skinwalkers Dare” told by Donna as part of her first night being amongst the group… two hikers a young woman Danielle brings her man Chad out to an area of mountain a mineshaft her dad used to bring her to before he got sick… when a thing came out and grabbed her… so the they call some freinds to bring guns and go Rambo on the aforementioned  monster…


One thing I can truly say about this anthology is I absolutely love their monster men even though I can tell on one or two of the creatures they are masks I do think that they did pull of one hell of a make up job for each… the blood effects ehhh not so much at times since blood doesn’t sploosh back like that as in “The Tormenter” lol which I feel was the weakest tale of the bunch.

Another thing I liked was the fact Ian Messenger used his family a bit as I feel when it’s a family effort you have more comradery and more fun while your on a set next to actors and actresses that think they are all that.  If your just a bunch of freinds that just want to make a film and have fun instead of making some trash nobody will remember?

As an indie horror there are things I will certainly remember and I do recommend seeing this anthology at least once… if not to see the fact the Ian has a very clear interest in the slasher genre plus you have to remember this is a low budget film… I enjoyed it for what it is a campy throwback to Slashers and Are You Afraid Of The Dark  type anthologies… I hope you do too!

Starring Donna Brown as Donna / Avery, Justin Celani as Justin, Tim Christie as Tim, Suzanne Currier as Suzanne / Lucy, Zach Etter as Tormentor / Mr. No One / Skinwalker, James Ettis as Hank, Rob Fields as Chad, Scott Hamilton as Scott / RJ, Christa Hart as Christa / Daisy, Beth Messenger as Marilyn, Madelyn Messenger as Child Donna, Jenna Miller as Judy, Maria Moody as Maria / Danielle / Ella, Jynae Phagan as Jynae / Olivia, Orlando Portillo as James, Brenna Slover as Brenna / Audrey / Cindy.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Viet Nguyen’s Debut Feature film “Crush The Skull” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


So once again working with Breaking Glass Productions Viet Nguyen brings his short film ideas to the big screen only this time in a longer lengthy feature from 2015.


Walt Bost returns whom played the stranger a couple thought was a serial killer in the first short film from 2010… and returns as the protagonist killer mind you…

Ollie (Dinh) and Vivian (Reed) are the main couple and are apparently thieves, after a heist gone wrong and Vivian having to bail Ollie Out of Jail the only way to come up with the money to pay back the borrowed bail money is another heist planned and led by someone Ollie doesn’t trust or can stand…


Now a foursome they plan on pouncing on a home that’s been watched for weeks  that looks like it may hold some valuables… well they were wrong.

Not only was it empty but as soon as they arrived became trapped and had to weave their way through a labyrinth of dark corridors and were not alone…


To be honest this was a home invasion gone wrong and the set up seemed very extravagant for a kickstarter funded film…

There was some humor but I also feel you have to watch the short films as well to kinda get where the film began…

There is a twist and you definitely don’t expect it… I feel (Bost) was the right kind of crazy for the film…


I did enjoy this film though like I said I think the director is used to the short film genre but altogether it wasn’t a bad film I feel like the film could have been a bit more creepier as I can tell there’s some humoristique dialogue that could have been…

I do recommend this film however it is worth a watch…

Starring Walter Michael Bost as Killer (as Walt Bost), Tim Chiou as Riley, Chris Dinh as Ollie, Michelle Grondine as Torture Video Victim, Lincoln Hoppe as Sheriff Dennis, Nathan Moore as Officer Gabbe, Katrina Nelson as Mom, Justin Ray as Boy Toy, Lauren Reeder as Vivian, Chris Riedell as Connor, Katie Savoy as Blair, Devyn Stokdyk as Young Vivian, Leonard Wu as Koji Miller, Jerry Ying as Yoji Miller.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Viet Nguyen’s Short films “Crush the Skull – 2010, Crush the Skull 2 – 2013 , and Things You Don’t Joke About – 2012!”

Written by David Strege


I think the reason why I have no problem discussing all three of these short films in one posting is one: all are directed by the same director and two: all three are used as guidelines and structures behind the feature film “Crush The Skull” from Breaking Glass Pictures.

Directed by Viet Nguyen in 2010 this first short film involves a couple having their car break down, middle of nowhere as, they paranoically argue back and forth about whether the stranger that had stopped was there to help them or a serial killer…

Starring Walter Michael Bost as Stranger (as Walt Bost), Chris Dinh as Austin (as Christopher Dinh), Tara Perry as Steph.


Directed by Viet Nguyen in 2013 this sequel was filmed after “Things You Don’t Joke About” from 2012 but I feel led up to a longer feature called “Crush the Skull.”

In any case the same couple Austin (Dinh) and Steph (Perry) are further down the road after their incident with killing the man they thought was a serial killer… when they run into a man dressed as a Sherrif who has a prisoner claiming he’s the real Sherrif in the back seat as the other man gets kind of shifty…

Starring Chris Dinh as Austin, Nathan Moore as Imposter Sheriff 2, Ryan O’Nan as Sheriff, Tara Perry as Stepth, Jay Rondot as Imposter Sheriff 1.


Directed by Viet Nguyen in 2012, this short film involves the same couple in both of the short films I aforementioned only this time they are in the roles of thieves needing money  while telling bad jokes…

Steph (Perry) and Austin ( Dinh) think that this’ll be their last heist so Austin goes in thinking it’ll be a quick in and out with the money…

Not only is wifey home with Loverboy but hubby comes home too while Austin hides in the same closet of Loverboy… all a bit like the fight at the OK Coral.

Starring Thomas Blankenship as Husband, Chris Dinh as Austin, Katrina Nelson as Wife, Tara Perry as Steph, Jerry Ying as Buddy.

Ultimately I feel all three of these are funny and can see how all three concepts were used for the later feature… could definitely see humor in each situation to be honest I enjoyed seeing these short films over the feature but I like the feature too but wanted to explain a bit about these short films so people know of them as you can find them in the bonus section of Breaking Glass Productions “Crush the Skull” DVD.

I would recommend these short films as each carry their own bit of comedy horror/humor and are enjoyable…