Movies Galore takes a look at Director David Gibson Crackpipe’s Back alley Abortion Short film “Mondo Schlocko” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


So if you don’t mind low budget and I mean low budget films and don’t mind a teensy bit of Imagination and fun check out this little micro budget short film by Clawmedia Director David Gibson Crackpipe!

You know that type of really sleazy, trashy and corny film that you can’t help but watch for its stupidity but can’t help laughing out loud? Well this is one of those…

A demon (Zebubba) is looking around for some pussy, finds a prostitute (Blair) fucks her for money and leaves… Nine days later that same prostitute’s stomach size has tripled as she realizes she’s pregnant…

So she goes to a back alley clinic run by a couple of weirdos and things go quirky from there… as what comes out ain’t human!

Ok of course there was some bad acting, not saying a lot but some and moments of slowness but there was certainly some comedy involved as wacky as this short was…  I almost wonder what they could have done on a real budget but it wouldn’t have been as seriously funny as it was after I think about what went on…

I think I’ll remember the rubber rat incident running off with that piece of whatever in his mouth and the pair of back alley Abortionists just plain goofy…. lol

In any case it’s at least worth a watch at least once for kicks a party favor none the less but I enjoyed the humor…

If anyone else ever sees this? Don’t have high expectations just enjoy it for what it’s meant to do… make you laugh if could happen to you!

Starring Erica Blair as Prostitute, Christopher Jon Alexander as Demonic Baby (voice), William Turner as Demonic Weirdo, James Spray as Jimmy the John, Katie  Hepfinger as Street Whore, Mike C. Hartman as Abortionist, Alex Gallegos as
Abortion Intern, Frank J. Levanduski as
Introductory Narrative (voice), David Gibson as U Turn John, Samuel LaMonica IV.

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