Movies Galore takes a look at Director Tod Sheets “House of Forbidden Secrets” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Let me just say I’ve sort of followed Mr. Sheets carreer from Brain Damage years, to Pendulum Pictures on into Camp Motion Pictures with his Zombie Trilogy… and after a heart attack it’s like he became a new man in horror generating a new legion of horror fans beginning with this film as his comeback but true story…

I’d actually been trying to get a hold of a copy of this film straight from Todd himself and I’m not kidding it seemed even forbidden to a fan like me! Ha ha!

But finally a copy arrived so here’s my description of the tale as I see it on film:

Jacob Hunt (Steele) has lost his family and a lot of stuff has happened to him that’s been down lately but he’s just landed a job over night at the security job of his life in the old Shadowview Manor.


A film crew is also there at the Manor filming a seance as its the Anniversary of a Massacre that happened once in the house… Brad an employee of Mr. Bruce Kane is also at the Manor this evening as well as there’s a crack in the wall that hasn’t been fixed… unbeknownst to Brad is a doorway to a time dimension of that evil time period that stays alive on the grounds…


A Ms. Fremont is there at the seance to contact her dead husband as well as Jackson Kincade, one of the security or handymen in charge, along with the Medium Cassie Traxler  (Santorella) and her freind Hannah Martin (Tarbell) whom Jackson appears to have an attraction to…

Cassie tells a fellow paranormalist Tamara that they’d just channeled some of the strongest energy in her life as a researcher… which is exactly the kind of sign she’d been looking for…


Anyways Jacob is a little spooked but Jackson was hyped about it… until they noticed Mr. Kane’s Office was rifled through like something had happened…

Eventially the group learns that the Manor was the grounds of a Brothel where a preist named Elias Solomon (Lew Temple) over a matter of a whore carrying his child was missing took and murdered everyone and before he did was cursed by the Madam of the Brothery for his doings….


I personally feel everyone here as an actor or actress played their parts spot on so I believe there wasn’t a problem here… the effects in this film were definitely Gordy when it came to the part of a certain Ms. Femont that is…

I guess I even like that Loyd Kaufman showed up as Cassie’s daughter’s Grandfather which to me is always a good sign that this’ll be a movie up my Alley and I think many others.


This film not only dealt with make up but it also had a little creature puppetry with the beast character kind of like the gateway character between the time dimensions…

To be honest this is and has become one of my favorite films as though I’m not going to tell the ending it’s also not a happy ending it kinda leaves ya wondering…

I totally recommend this film for other horror enthusiasts as I think you will too! Enjoy!

Starring Lew Temple As Elias Solomon, Dyanne Thorne as Greta Gristina, George Hardy as Bruce Cane, Lloyd Kaufman as
Grandpa, Howard Maurer as Klaus, Allan Kayser as Brad, Antwoine Steele as Jacob Hunt, Nicole Santorella as Cassie Traxler,
Bryan David as Jackson Kincade, Michaela Paxton Tarbell as Hanna Martin, Millie Milan as Tamera Davis, Brad Westmar as
Wayne Harris, Ari Lehman as Building Crewman, Iris Runyon as Dorothy Fremont, Aj Finney as Axe Man, Dustin Kaufman as Machete Man, Jessica Hopkins as Nicole, Paul Ford as Brothel Whore Rider, William Kinder as Car Ghost, Misc. Ghost, Joe Sherrick as Office Ghost, Misc. Ghost, Margoth Mackey as Locked Room Ghost, Liberty Siefkas as Tarot Time Ghost,
Ashley Whisenant as Babydoll Ghost, Misc. Ghost, Misty Carey as Locked Room Ghost,
Blade Braxton as Brothel Patron, Nicole Dawn Burke as Brothel Lady, Nick Butler as
Beast Puppet, Elizabeth Cheney as Basement Ghost Puppet, Gary Cooper as
Brothel Patron, Mae Damico as Ridden Brothel Lady, Katty Delux as Brothel Lady,
Shawna Downing as Killer Siren, Genevieve Dsilva as Brothel Lady, Eden Esquire as Brothel Lady, Jill Gevargizian as
Killer Siren, Brothel Lady (as Jill Sixx Gevargizian), Katie Glidden as Father Elias Escort, Fifi Glitterbomb as Brothel Lady,
Gabrielle Green as Brothel Lady, Shawn Griffin as The Beast / Hungry Brothel Patron, Cameron Haines as Brothel Patron,
Dakota Hale as Brothel Patron, Jody Hendrix as Brothel Patron, Melissa Hill as
Beast Puppet, Alexadner Huckaba as
Drunkard Bodygaurd / Brothel Patron,
Dawn Kaszko as Church Body, Alexa Kuder as Brothel Lady, Jimmy Kuder as Brothel Patron, Grant Lacina as Brothel Patron,
Voodoo LaRoux as Brothel Lady, Becca Larson as Church Body, Devyn Lundy as
Brothel Lady, Sarah McGuire as Killer Siren, Brothel Lady, Ariah McLaws as
Cassie Daughter / Backwords ghost, Tim McLaws as Drunk Brothel Patron, Heather Mentzer as Basement Labyrinth Ghost,
Davis Michels as Brothel Patron / Church Body, Tiffany Milton as Brothel Lady, Annie Montgomery as Brothel Lady, Angella Mudry as Basement Ghost Puppet, Aishak Omaley as Brothel Lady, Justin Osbourn as Basement Ghost Puppet,
Virginia Propst as Brothel Lady,
Rogue Radiance as Wallet Finder, Brothel Lady, Raven Reed as Faceless Ghost Girl,
Heidi Santorella as Beast Puppet, Ashlynn Sheets as Basement Labyrinth Ghost, Heather Marie Shelton as Brothel Lady (as Heather Marie), Sara Smith as Brothel Lady, Tim Sweeten as Oral Brothel Patron,
Mariah Thompson as Beast Caged Victim,
Lauren Vaughn as Outside Slaughter Victim, Brothel Lady, Chuck Weaver as
Chaz Deluca.

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