Movies Galore takes a look at Director Dakota Bailey’s 2nd film “American Scumbags from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Once again Denver Director Dakota Bailey of R.A. Productions brings us another view into the Underworld of drug dealing with three interconnected stories of Sadistic disorder…

In the city of Sundale a dealer named Lucifer (Benning) has just been let out of prison whom owes money to Kingpin drug lord Chester (Epstein), enlisting the help of Hitman Johnny (Bailey) to do his bidding as Chester fronted a lot of drugs and hasn’t come through…

A psychopathic Sadistic convict named Billy we find pissing on his mothers and others graves, hooking fake ball sacks to license plate and contemplating his life stories…

A drunk war vet, and A recently released Sex Predators viewpoints in the mix…

As his second feature I feel that this film has a much better audience right off black and white is in… the punk and emo scene is in and an age of violence…  on the other hand I feel like his character Billy could almost have his own movie as a drifter and an exconvict he has that don’t give a flying fuck attitude…

also notice the effect the video has Of sliding naturally from scene to scene not as choppy as his SOV feature previously but it was VHS what else can you expect on a VHS.

As for Lucifer he looked a little paranoid with flees as he was scratching under pressure…

i have to say I enjoyed this feature better then Dakota’s first film but I actually like both his first was sort of an Anti-Film this second is certainly better acting much better worked on storyline, even though it’s just as random by peicing together and connecting each characters this time they each stand alone…

Shall I mention the live skinning of a Rabbit?

There’s also a sort of reality to all of this even though the characters are fiction it’s quite possible there are characters exactly like this out there.  There’s other things I could mention but I’d rather you go see it yourself…

Theres certainly not as much music intermixed into this film but there was definitely a punk era feel to American Scumbags.

I enjoyed it,  Reccommend this just as I did his first film and look forward to future projects!

P.S. Who sends shit in the mail lol!

Starring Dakota Bailey as Johnny, Larry Bay as Wheelin’ Deals, Vince Bee as Ted, Nick Benning as Lucifer, Fred Epstein as
Chester, Darien Fawkes as Billy, Katy Katzar as The Ex, Matt Marshall as Marshall, Bill Schafer as The Boyfriend, Bianca Valentino as Angel.

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