Movies Galore Takes a look at Director of “Terror Toons” Joe Castro’s film “Near Death” from 2004!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Thriller Entertainment in association with Jesco Film Entertainment this film is directed by Joe Castro of Terror Toons reknown in 2003 truthfully but IMDb and distribution were in 2004 thanks Joe for that info!

A man in a trench on a beach is growled at to hurry up…

Its night a blonde floozy (I say floozy as that is what a drunk woman looking to pick up someone in a bar with sexual intentions is) named Priscilla picks up a muscled dick bar tender I say dick because he acted like one to Priscilla in the truck, whom sort of abducts her to a manor around a curvy road where a party is going on where she’s the main course… the guests or inhabitants are dressed from a period from another era…

I have to say right away the bar tender was a bad actor but I think perfect for his role at the time. Same coastal road Billy Strand, June and Tammy arrive at Misty Point Grove where the Curse of Maria and Louie Von Brahm is supposedly to have taken place…


They knock as June hears the beating of a heart, the door just opens on its own they step inside door slams shut on its own… the cobwebs in the entry way look fantastic by the way an eerie creepy feel, as they run into Vena Marshwood, Doctor Blanchard, Harlon Montgomery, Heinrich a lurch-like looking man.

I do have to say Tammy Garrett (Willingham) does have a certain Cameron Diaz sexuallity about her even though she is slightly a little whiny when I say whiny I mean like a teenagers pout. But the three of them are there to help June with her book on Spiritual Phenomenon.


As they find out the souls of the Cast of the Great Willie Von Brahms last film “Near Death” has trapped their bodies to feed the evil in the house…

Will Billy and June be able to convince their freind Tammy to leave the house before all their souls are trapped….

Seeing that the effects are somewhat cheesily and I say Cheesily in a good way, slapped together with small snippets of CGI don’t get me wrong I enjoy some CGI but I am a fan of no CGI, cobwebs you can tell Might have been store bought and shaking of furniture you can tell was shaken by human hands not spiritual this film is badly budgeted but not so severe on the acting skills of some of the characters…


Like when Harlem Montgomery (Gould) was explaining how he got there to Tammy… the way he mused (Gould) was really acting here… one thing of note is Jeff Leroy (Director of Rat Fever and Creepies) was on Photography behind the film.

Are you ready to meet the Ghouls of Von Brahm? I certainly enjoyed this film for what it’s worth.  I recommend it Enjoy!

Ps. I went back and explained a few things as this positive review was taken as insulting when it was totally meant to honor I was so excited I’d finished a review of Mr. Castro’s as I’m a huge fan and he took this as an insult.  I will still love his films even if he hates my reviews though I’m not that way…

Starring Perrine Moore as June Rivera / Maria, Ali Willingham as Tammy Garrett, Scott Lunsford as Billy Strand, Brannon Gould as Harlan Montgomery, Joe Haggerty as Doctor Blanchard, Marieno Savoie as Heinrich, Darlene Tygrett as
Vena Marshwood, Scott St. James as
The Coin Dealer, Carol Rose Carver as
Stella, Joseph Commesso as Markie, Billy Bicskei as Father O’Neill, Carmel Mobley as Coffee girl, David Gremer as Bartender, Vida Ghaffari as Priscilla (as Vida Rhodes), Jacqueline Benton as Maria’s mother, David Ortega as Young Priest, Carl Darchuk as Willie Von Brahm (as Carl Darchuck), Stephen Miele as Bar Patron.

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