Movies Galore Takes a look at Director Andrew Jones film ” The Last House on Cemetery Lane” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Another film coming to us from Independent Moving Pictures and North Bank Entertainment director Andrew Jones  (Amityville Asylum) a tale of a horror film writer who wants to get away from it all in a 19th century Manor set in a sleepy West Wales village unbeknownst to a blind room mate named Agnes.

John Davies (Bane) is a fictional horror writer looking only to get away from the drib drab of the city life has taken up residence in a three story Manor.  The 3rd floor being an attic apartment to a blind woman named Agnes.


Taking up a freindship with a beautiful neighbor name of Cassie, Strange occurences of music playing on an old record player with no one in the room to play it… noises in the night… images of drowning and stitches… time standing still…

Soon John and Cassie begin getting Chummy with one another over dinner and spendinding time together… getting to know one another…

With the dreams begining to get more vivid and worse… images from said dreams begining to show up in reality… Davies begins to wonder if he’s loosing his sanity… will he be able to survive one more night with the help of the Lovely Cassie?

Whats odd is the matter of fairness the Landlady of the Manor is when Davies begins to qestion about the disturbances he’s experienced…


I feel the best part of this film is when Davies finally comes face to face with Agnes and the tale she has to tell from her point of view… though the part is small Vivian Bridson puts on quite the forbidding performance of the doomed…

i don’t think this film is for everyone as it is very slowly told but as a slow realization who all the players are is the most haunting ending of who was the real evil…


I did enjoy this film as I have all of his others I feel as if I am transported into the Twisted world Jones has portrayed of the psychotic… this is a slow burner indeed… enjoy!

Starring Vivien Bridson as Agnes, Lee Bane  as John Davies, Georgina Blackledge as
Cassie Konrad, Ian Grey as The Surgeon, Tessa Wood as Mrs. Connelly, Ian Smyth as
New Tenant, Kelly Jones as The Nurse.

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