Movies Galore takes a look at Director Andrew Jones film “Haunting At The Rectory” based on one of the most haunted locations in England from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us again by Independent Moving Pictures and North Bank Entertainment by director Andrew Jones (Amityville Asylum, Robert, Curse of Robert And The Last House on Cemetery Lane) is a film about one of the most haunted homes in England: The Borley Rectory.

Frank (Bane) a drifting handyman from France arrives at the Rectory about a job working for Reverond Lionel Foyster (Bonington) … Marriane (Garton) answers the door…

The good Reverand welcomes Frank with open arms and invites the Pennyless Frank to stay in the guest room till he gets on his feet… Marianne on the other hand is trying to get the sexual attentions of her husband not succeeding well.


An uninvited young handsome guest naked in the shower is not what the good reverends wife was expecting having problems of her own… a subtle attraction to the dear Mr. Frank as well as a visitation  of a mysterious Woman, said to be that of a nun I believe as the famous Nun that was in real life Photographed to have been seen at the actual Church Connected to the Rectory… at least that’s what I’ve remembered…


But then again this spiritual presence is again as subtle as the affair happening between Marianne and Frank.  But soon it’s not just Marianne that’s being haunted the Reverand will be too… As he soon suspects his handyman of more than just work… and pain…

i saw a documentary once called Ghosts, Poltergiest and Demons where the Warrens actually went to The Borely Rectory, there was photographic evidence of a woman in white floating down the isle and in the cemetery I believe…. this part of it fascinated me so I feel that some of the spirits in this film are closer to the truth even though the affair is probably fictional between handyman and dear sweat wife.

This film also goes to show once again you really don’t need an enormous cast to pull off performances I feel I must apologize for my statement about not liking (Garton’s) accent for I think I’ve grown accustomed to it now seeing her in several films… I also feel the time period is eccentric and correct to the times.

i enjoyed this film and do recommend it for horror fans for its eerieness though I’d wished it might have produced a bit more history of the Rectory Hauntings.

Starring Lee Bane as Frank, Suzie Frances Garton as Marianne, Tom Bonington as
Lionel, Sarah-Louise Tyler as The Woman.

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