Movies Galore takes a look at Director Andrew Jones feature “The Amityville Asylum” from 2013

Written by David Strege


Brought to us from Independent Moving Pictures and North Bank Entertainment in Association with Amityville Asylum Pictures and Hanover Films is Andrew Jones first film I believe to make U.S. Distribution.

Using Shadows and sounds of shooting (Jones) I feel implicated Defeo was handed a gun and shot his entire family as the whole Ronald Defeo Shooting is left somewhat in mystery… some evidence claims the sister was involved, even more lay claim Mr. Dafao was entirely Schizophrenic.


Reguardless, Lisa Templeton (Del Pizzo) goes for an interview at the no longer Amityville home now turned Asylum for the Insane for a custodial position.

Surprised to recieve a call back from Doctor Elliot Mixter (Morgan) for she’d totally sneezed on him during the interview.  Upon arriving her first day she meets her co-worker Delaney (Bane) for a rundown of her cleaning responsibilities.

Delaney warns her against going down into what the Staff calls Blood Row in the lower depths of the basement holding Class A patient the Criminally Insane… those beyond help… Delaney takes her down and seems to delight in telling her about each resident in Blood Row… like their Resident John Doe… or the ex witch occultist… their cannibal patient…


As Lisa is mopping one of the floors she is visited by the spirit of a little girl who wants to play along with other visitations…

One thing is for certain each staff member is ominous about her sightings… seems they’d all just assume it was in her mind…

Though the film again is slightly slow in it’s approach I feel you’ll find out director Andrew Jones is a great writer for dialogue as well as an all around believable cast.

I think this was a very decent film of ghosts and Hauntings related to the Defeo incident.  The film isn’t scary but it definitely has an eerie feeling… I enjoyed it hope you all do as well…

Also think the patients played the crazy well at parts… so far haven’t watched a film by Jones I haven’t liked yet…

Starring Sophia Del Pizzo as Lisa Templeton, Lee Bane as Delaney, Jared Morgan as Doctor Elliot Mixter, Eileen Daly as Sadie Krenwinkel, Paul Kelleher as Hardcastle, Kenton Hall as Pemberton, Sarah Louise Madison as Allison, Alan Humphreys as Jerry Kimble, Matthew Batte as Dennis Palmer, Ina Marie Smith as Nancy Dennison, Judith Haley as
Mrs. Hardesty, Andy Evason as Atkins, Scott Delap as Steadman, Ritchie Bessant as Face Peeler, Laura Jeffs as Katherine – TV Reporter, Darryl Sloanes as Inmate #1, Carwyn John as Inmate #2, Liam Hobbs as
Inmate #3 – Mark, Sean Robinson as Asylum Inmate, Robert Graham as Asylum Doctor #1, Kevin Foster as Asylum Doctor #2, John Andrews as Patient X.

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