Movies Galore takes a look at Andrew Jones film sequel to “Robert” called “The Curse of Robert” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us once again by Independent Moving Pictures and Northbank Entertainment Director Andrew Jones (The Amityville Asylum) from the U.K. brings us a direct to video Sequel to Robert as quickly as the first had been marketed slowly creeping onto Walmart shelves…


I guess the first thing I can say is I myself have a connection with one of the Actors (Nigel Barber) having acted in a short film Trilogy I’d Recently funded At least the last two where he played a professor of sorts… (In Limbo, The Telephone, The Viewer directed by Stuart Wheeldon though not in The Viewer) here he plays a man Called Walter Berenson a smuck business man.

Walter Berenson (Barber) makes a business deal acquiring the doll Robert in secret… directly from the Evidence Room.

Emily Barker (Ceri) arrives at night to fullfill a role as one of Walter’s Curating Assistants as she meets the two night watchman as well as Ethel Mason (Gollop) the other assistant.

Right off the bat Emily thinks she sees someone in the Corridor so she tells the night watchmen… one of them appears to be more freindly with her Kevin Underwood (Homewood).


Hndprints inside Roberts cage… then not strange… the other employees start dying and disappearing as the detective Kevin and Emily keep calling to show up when they feel something’s gone wrong doesnt believe a word they say… whom kind of reminds me of the man who always smoked that cigar in the X-Files series but Emily has found out what happened previously and Kevin, Emily find out Walter has erased what’s happened on the tapes.

I do not feel this film was as strong as the first film as far as creepiness goes but it certainly isn’t an entirely bad sequel either .  This feature is certainly much slower but I love the added story of the Toymaker being injected through the film like an almost Andre Toulon type Character… you almost don’t recognize (Lee Bane) underneath that make up so an awesome job to Mr. Bane.


I rather enjoyed the ending but I figured I’d leave that part up to the viewer certainly not bad at all. Enjoy!

Starring Nigel Barber as Walter Berenson, Lee Bane as The Toymaker, Chris Bell as
Officer Sardy, Tiffany Ceri as Emily Barker, Suzie Frances Garton as Jenny Otto, Jason Homewood as Kevin Underwood, Steven Dolton as Detective Bill Atkins, David Bridle as Waiter, Felicity Boylett as Nurse, Bobby Cole as Cafe Customer #1, Christopher Hale as Stan Graves, Clare Gollop as Ethel Mason, Richard Burman as
Police Officer, Kira Brown as Cafe Customer #3, Andrew Williams as Cafe Customer #7, Kate Piper as Cafe Customer #5, Claire Henderson as Cafe Customer #6, Sophie Cole as Cafe Customer #2, Shelly Brown as Cafe Customer #4.

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