Movies Galore takes a look at Director Kevin McTurk’s puppeteered animation “The Mill At Caulder’s End” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Now I had actually watched this come out on Kickstarter but am kicking myself that I didn’t have the cash at the time to contribute to this phenominally puppeteered animation I saw at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival last year with a Poe-ish atmosphere.


Directed by Kevin McTurk it follows the story of Nicholas Grimshaw whom Comes home to face his fears as a child that he had of an abandoned Mill at the edge of town.


As it happens there is a creature called The Bumblegor that seems to be living there collecting the souls of who over crosses and is lured there…. on the eve of Nicholas return, voiced by (Jason Flemyng of League of Extroadinary Gentleman, From Hell etc) follows what he appears to be his father all the way to the mill on the intent to save his father from a most terrible fate.


Bur will he be able to save himself in the process?

As I love all things gothic this was an Imaginative effort that was certainly haunting in its nature a sense of gloom and despair captured in fact bits of it reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher just had that feeling as I watched it lol.

Another thing is in its festival rounds it was nominated for an oscar but was disqualified for not being with in the rules a shame as it really was a really cool animation.  Barbara Steele a phenominal actress voiced the apparition as well…

I certainly recommend this film for all,,,

Starring John Alexander as The Bramblegor, Jason Flemyng as Nicholas Grimshaw, Piotr Michael as Harrison Grimshaw, Barbara Steele as The Apparition of the Mill.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Julian Doyle’s “Chemical Wedding” aka “Crowley” from 2008!

Written by David Strege


Julian Doyle is mostly known behind the scenes as a photographer and editor for films such as The Life of Brian, Time Bandits, Brazil, and visual effects of Monty Python and the Holy Grail which has become legendary in British comedy cinema and holds its own cult standing but in 2008 he helmed an ode to Alisair Crowley which he called Chemical Wedding but when it came to US distribution they renamed it “Crowley.”

The film involves an experimental machine controlled by a computer which unbeknownst a shy professor by the name of Haddo a professor of Classic Literature possess’s him with the reincarnated digital spirit on an astral plain of Alastair Crowley….besides being heavily influenced from music by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden whom also plays the Landlord.

Even if Professor Haddo or Simon Callow as he is not Crowley he puts on an extraordinary performance of how The real Alistair Crowley might have acted, spoke and or thought, as the reincarnation of Crowley out maneuvered the board of teachers on his intimate knowledge of the celestial evil written with in the Holy Bible… the homosexuality in the garden of Gethsemonee…


Victor Nuberg played by Jud Charleton also had thought himself to have been possessed by Crowley as one student uncovers…

Ultimately the film leads up to a ritual of a wedding that… may involve his true master as youths from the college were invited to and encouraged to participate in carnal orgies not that unlike Eyes Wide Shut society…


I think the acting was spot on in this film and I haven’t much complaints as this is totally believable not to mention it’s use of the perverse… not to mention the purple suit… in fact he almost looks like Alfred Hitchcock a bit don’t You think? I enjoyed this film in its own delusional way… the mystery of it all…

To fuck or not to fuck that is the question…

Starring Simon Callow as
Professor Haddo / Aleister Crowley, Kal Weber as Joshua Mathers, Lucy Cudden as
Lia Robinson, Jud Charlton as Victor Nuberg, Paul McDowell as Symonds, John Shrapnel as Crowley, Terence Bayler as Professor Brent, Richard Franklin as Dean, Mike Shannon as Alex, Helen Millar as Rose, Geoff Breton as Young Symonds, Sean Rea as Young Alex, Thomas Nelstrop as Jones, Robert Ashby as Chaplain Marshall, Esmé Bianco as Mavis, Gemma Hiles as Ruby, Annie Walker as Rene, Lizzie Millne as Secretary, Christina Chong  as Mei-Ling, Lily Dumont as Joyce, Andrea Sadler as Stella, Mark Wainwright as Inspector, Brandon Kirk as Ceremonial Guard, Nicola Rockhill as Kate the Violin Girl, Jean Leppard as Doctor, Kare Silversten as Drunk, Bruce Dickinson as
Landlord / Blind Man, Mat Fraser as
Anton Le Fay, Ollie Marsden as Postboy (as Ollie Smith), Antonia Beamish as Glastonbury Woman, Alex Leppard as Official, Bill Jones as Toilet Queen / Man with Bag on Head, Jared Ashe as Ashby, Rhik Samadder as Student Rick, Danny Szam as Student Ben, Carly Davis as Student Brenda, Robin Goodchild as
Student Phil, Joni Levinson as
Hotbuns Berkhoff (as Joni Levison), Dean Butler as Ceremony Man, Peter White as
Station Guard, Jonathan Ashby-Rock as
Lecture Student, Austin Dickinson as Lecture Student, Perrine Moran as Lecturer, John Sphrapnel, Leigh Stevenson as Mason.