Movies Galore takes a look at Sterling Entertainment’s Anthology “Things” from 1993!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Sterling Entertainment and Bovine Entertainment this is the first anthology directed by Dennis Devine, Eugene James and James Woeffel.

First of all you have to remember Dennis Devine is behind a really cool Rock n Roller  flick from 1989 called “Dead Girls” so there is definitely some low talent behind this enjoyably corny twosome tale with a wraparound story…

In “The Wrap-Around” directed by Eugene James: a high class looking woman with a southern Stepfordaccent ties up her husbands lover and procededs to tell her what appears to be some creepy tales and baits her to review the tales told so she can keep her life…

In “The Box” directed by Dennis Devine: Three Cat-house ladies move into an old theater they’d just bought but a certain man who wears the hat a Mayor black wants them gone so sends his Thing in a Box he’d found in the mines to get rid of them… only didn’t know doing so would blow up in his face as the tables turn on this greedy man in black…

In “Thing in a Jar” directed by James Woeffel: a young married lady starts to day dream about her husband Leon hurting her she’s not even sure loves her the same way… and yet insanely jealous drives her to decide to leave him for good… with the help of her freind Beverly… only she’s caught in a scheme created by one of her nightmares….

My only vice about this second tale is the fact Leon has an Australian accent to me it sounded goofy for Leon a cold blooded killer of a husband just a little off with his Eric Roberts type look, but other than this I think and feel that this first twosome anthology was a fun film in places.   Not only do we get a taste of the sinister but in a sense it’s done in a creepshow like style… though the first tale was my favorite of the two…

In a sense revenge is served… I enjoyed it!

Starring Kinder Hunt as The Wife (segment “The Wrap-Around”), Maegen as Jane (segment “The Wrap-Around”), Jesse Hernandez as Jack (segment “The Wrap-Around”), Olivia as Hooker #2 (segment “The Wrap-Around”), Kathleen O’Donnel as Tulip (segment “The Box”), Neil Delama as Mayor Black (segment “The Box”), Kelly-Jean Dammeyer as Daisy (segment “The Box”), Scot Pierce (segment “The Box”), Judith Montgomery as Sherri (segment “The Box”), Bob Frey as Ernie (segment “The Box”), Owen Rutledge in
(segment “Thing in a Jar”) (as Trey Garris), Courtney Lercara as Julia (segment “Thing in a Jar”), Debra Stevens as Beth (segment “Thing in a Jar”) (as Deborah Stevens), Jeff Burr as The Coroner (segment “Thing in a Jar”), Mike Tristano as Detective #1 (segment “Thing in a Jar”) (as Michael Tristano), Miles O’Reilly as Detective #2 (segment “Thing in a Jar”), Donna Stocker as Garage Girl, Ann Christensen as Garage Girl, Majken Harden as Garage Girl, Christine Haber as Garage Girl (as Chris Haber), Linda Roberts as Garage Girl (uncredited), Robert Michael Ryan as
Teenager (uncredited).

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