Movies Galore take a look at Sterling Entertainment’s follow up Sequel to anthology “Things 2” from 1998!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Sterling Entertainment working with Bovine Entertainment this is a sequel anthology to “Things” from 1993 directed by Mike Bowler, Dennis Devine, and Steve Jarvis.

A sequel anthology told in the vein like that of Creepshow and Tales from the crypt…

The Wraparound tale was directed by Mike Bowler: A writer lures a pizza boy at least that which he thought was a pizza boy instead it was a young woman who came to the door as he begins to tell her a few new scary stories… but once told realizes he’s not the only one who collects things…

In “Thing From Nanchung” directed by Steve Jarvis: a woman is having an affair with a man and plans to get rid of her husband by unleashing a mysterious creature in a box…

In “A Thing From The Lab” directed by Dennis Devine:  Angela is a photographer works on a set of stills as she thinks about some killings (and her father) that have happened down the street, meanwhile a Sargent is tasked to finding the killer of a man’s Daughter who’d become an apparent victim mutilated and rained of blood… is the killer just a man?

To be honest I enjoyed the way these tales were told more than I din the first as both of these twicetold tale anthologies seem like they are in the vein of like creepshow and tales from the crypt like telling… this one is almost lovecraftian but I slightly wish we saw a little bit more of the puppet like creatures…

I did feel like the editing in the first tale was a little choppy the acting mediocre at best but your in for some corniness as it’s definitely made for you to just sit back and enjoy instead of criticising it’s altogether a cheezy flick…

I enjoyed it  you can tell it’s low budget it’s not a great film but it’s supposed to be bad enough to be cheezy and fun so chill sit back and enjoy it for what it is…

Starring Emily Devine as Young Angela, Angela Eads as Angela, Jim Donald Ellis as
Detective Clark (as Jim Ellis), Joanne Rubino as Model, Robert Michael Ryan as
Cop, Jason Robert Stephens as Cop, Richard Ward as Rich Mason.


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