Movies Galore takes a look at long awaited Horror film title from Concept Media’s Shawn Burkett “Don’t Fuck In The Woods” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


You know there’s something I’ve always enjoyed about Concept Media Films direrctor Shawn Burkett and that is i believe his sense of humor Ive kind of followed along his career somewhat maybe not from the begining but ive been impressed with what hium and his fellow directors have been able to accomplish… the sound is always impecable and his taste in music is definitely there and is apparent in every film hes been apart of…

Now from what i understand during the filming of “Don’t Fuck In The Woods” the area they’d been filming in was suddenly condemned while in the state of filming and due to conflictin actors and actresses schedules it looked like the film was Dead in the water but you know what?

That didn’t deter Shawn or the rest of his cast theyu pulled it off and what fun it looks like hehe.

Beginning of the film we have a couple in the woods getting down and dirty about to well.. you know do that ol’ hump and grind when a creature comes out of nowhere kills the dude and you see the girl being dragged off the screen… I think the part about the creature i like is number one its not CGI’d bullshit number two: its kind of between well… remember that tar creature that killed Lt. Tasha Yarr on Star Trek: Next Gen.? and remember the Swamp Thing well its their kid and hes not happy hes not the one getting all the action in his so called woods.

Any who Lacey and Meg a lesbian couple are wondering why they’re going on a weekend spur with that Jock, that Cheerleader, and that Stoner friend’s of theirs… a weekend of camping, getting laid and relaxing… up to join the two we’d first seen…

I think I even like that one of Wisconsin’s own Hannah Herdt who plays Parker (Don’t Go To The Reunion) whom we catch debating on what a true scream queen really should be, I feel is a perfect clash against our slacker Stoner friend Mac as he lust after the lesbian girls and surprisingly is one of the ones still alive halfway through…. lol but I think if you Shawn hadn’t of had Jossart in for comic relief? I don’t think this film might have floated so well together.

Ultimately this is a Monster\slasher film and creating that blood filled atmosphere of fear and sounds of the creature were great… with that campy woodsy atmosphere we all enjoy in a slasher… I think the cast had fun it certainly wasnt scary but it certainly has a gore leval and is rememberable to me…

I certainly enjoyed the title and the film tremendously and think it definitely lived up to its name… I recommend it…

Starring Shawn C. Phillips as Sammy, Nadia White as Lacey, Brandy Mason as
Meg, Roman Jossart as Mac, Brittany Blanton as Jane, Chris J. Neal as Customer #2 (as Chris Neal), Ayse Howard as Alex, Joe Vollman as Wildlife Preservationalist, Kayla Stone as Ash (as Kayla Morgan), Deryk Wehrly as Jason,  Brian Cornell as Conor, Hannah Herdt as Parker, Scott Gillespie as the Creature / Luke, Roman Jossart as Mac, Savannah Howard as Video Store Thief.

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