Movies Galore takes a look at Finland director Joonas Makkonen’s “Bunny the Killer Thing” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Step over Bunnyman I think Findland has got ya beat in Bunny the Killer Thing… all I can say is this film was a total trip.

Directed by Joonas Makkonen with Black Lion Pictures it’s now on a limited edition only to 1000 Blu-ray combo pack with Raven Banner productions …


The film begins with a writer and his either girlfriend or wife are driven up to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for him to write but before they enter are attacked by three assailents in ski masks with a very funny tazer reaction…

The writer then wakes up chained in front of a man in a lab coat and his somewhat igorish character as he is now an experiment… transforms into a gigantic sex craved bunny… escapes…


Meanwhile a group of freinds get together to go out to the same cabin whilst a group of men plan a heist of sorts… one girl gets drunk… one goes all spastic lesbian throw in a young man wanting to loose his virginity and wa la ad in the huge furry hulking bunny whipping his dick around yelling “Pussy!” “Fresh Pussy” and a pair of bumbling officers from the Finland police force you have a fantastically fun film.


Not to mention a furry party and explosions I could see how this could have been a very low budget film so I’m glad this film was funded to the amounts of blood gore and effects the way it was,  this is what I consider to be top of the line and is now on my top ten favorite films for being hilariously corny and Gorey and sickly perverted in all the right places.

Not only do I think that this film was raunchy it had just the right amount of crazy if not more so that went along with the storyline… I’m looking forward to a sequel to this madness and hope it gets more sadistic as I feel this sex crazed bunny worshiper of a director will find an audience… well fucking done!


Ps I didn’t even tell my most favorite part ud have to see it to believe it!

Starring Enni Ojutkangas as Sara, Jari Manninen as Mise, Orwi Manny Ameh as
TimVeera W. Vilo as Nina, Roope Olenius as Jari, Hiski Hämäläinen as Tuomas, Vincent Tsang as Vincent, Katja Jaskari as
Emma, Olli Saarenpää as Jesse, Marcus Massey as Lucas, Gareth Lawrence as Mr. McRain, Marko Moilanen as Daddy, Erno Michelsson as Sonny, Maria Kunnari as Julia, Henry Saari as The Older Police Officer, Juha-Matti Halonen as The Younger Police Officer, Aleksanteri Jaakkola as Hillbilly, Juho Jaakkonen as
Hillbilly, Niina Ylipahkala as Party Girl, Marika Pekkarinen as Party Girl, Ani Aaltonen as Party Girl, Milla Karjalainen as
Party Girl, Ari Karhunen as The Screaming Man, Päivi Komulainen-Vuoti as Seller, Mia Ehrnrooth as Lara Jessica Svensson, Miika J. Norvanto as Taxi Driver, Petri Nygård as The man who’s head gets shot off, Anniina Koivisto as Mr. McRain’s woman, Tuomo Marttinen as Hillbilly, Joonas Makkonen as Hillbilly, Ari Savonen as Man with a Orange Mask, Simo Räsänen as Man with a Black Mask, Harri Korkiakoski as Man with a White Mask, Harri Marttinen as The Shaman, Ranne
Shaman’s dog, Pörri as The rabbit, Matti Kiviniemi as Bunny the Killer Thing, Alisa Kyllönen as the Shaman’s Daughter (uncredited).


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