Movies Galore takes a look at French Director David Thouroude’s Silent musical tragedy “Le Prince des Cieux” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


I’m not sure why I picked up this film in English meaning “The Prince of Heaven” from Director David Thouroude of SantaRita Films but I felt compelled to check this film out as I know I’m totally into silent films and from what I understand some films are made in fact to be more of a visual art form like that of Kenneth Anger and his “Lucifer Rising” and or E. Elias Mirages “Begotten” so I figured I’d check out this montage and give it a chance to see if I could describe it the best I can…


We are not sure of the young man’s name is in the film but we see (Abdou M. Bodji) eventually sit down in front of a camera as we see various images that seem to flit through his mind of death, loss, dugs, the things drugs can cause… a cornucopia mind trip a morbid thought process as we see moseleums and candles… fires and images of a lost soul and the beast in which all these hells can create….


I’m not saying it’s a great film but it’s certainly an interesting set of images collages together…

Starring Abdou M. Bodji with music by Billy Dranty.

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