Movies Galore takes a look at “Turbo Kid” Directed by Francois Simard, Anouk Whissel and Yoann-Karl Whissel from 2015!

Written by David Strege

2016-03-28-00-18-53-2068100793Funded on Indiegogo and unfortunately I couldn’t afford to contribute to their campaign at the time but this movie surprised me.  Penned as Mad Max on a BMX bike it lives up to its name with a clash against what being a true hero is all about in an existence secretly governed by robots in a post apocalyptic world as we open up in to the world of the kid.


Directed by Francois Simard, Anouk Whissel, and Yoanne-Karl Whissel this team brought about a landscape ruled by a baron wasteland of sorts a world on the brink of an illusioned apocalypse where a we meet a young man who lives in his own shack in the middle of nowhere reading comic books and collecting Comic books from a bygone era of magazines.


Pretty soon the kid meets up with Apple agirl that at first follows him around and annoys him but ultimately becomes his best freind later on but through defending him in a battle against these sick looking robots with superior weapons.

Eventially it comes down to the kid to save this wasteland from the evil of this bad ass  dude by the name of Zeus who seems to have his own band of skully miscreants in hockey mask-like uniforms that threatens the existence of human kind.

When I saw this I thought this was a fresh story great acting and could definitely tell the talent was there along with having a character in there that slightly acted like Indiana Jones a little I fealt the gore factor in two of the fights was brilliant in its portrayal of resistance and the effects of the weaponry of the Turbo Kid far out mind blowing altogether this was a memorable film plus you can’t go wrong with Ironsides fucking brilliant!


Starring Munro Chambers as The Kid, Laurence Leboeuf as Apple, Michael Ironside as Zeus, Edwin Wright as Skeletron, Aaron Jeffery as Frederic, Romano Orzari as Bagu, Orphée Ladouceur as Female Guard, Steeve Léonard as Scout, Yves Corbeil as Turbo Général, Evan Manoukian as Young the kid, Anouk Whissell as The Mother, François Simard as The Father, Tyler Hall as Bounty Hunter, Martin Paquette as Giant Warrior, Pierre Sigouin as Frederick’s Brother, Yoann-Karl Whissell as Bald Guard, Christian Picone as Guard #1, Éric S. Boisvert as Guard #2, Abdul Ayoola as Guard #3, Thomas Luccioni as Guard #4, Sam B. Cloutier as Guard #5, Maxime Lapointe as Guard #8, David Loiseau as Guard #9, Nicolas Archambault as Guard #12, Jean-François Ferland as – Guard #11, Ara Ball as Guard #13, Sylvain Lemaitre as Guard #14, Hazgary Colin as Sentinel, David Rigby as Odd-looking Man, Louise Ménard as Old Lady, Bruno Corbin as Transgender Prostitute, Jason Eisener as The Cook, Sylvain Legrand as Turbo Rider, Félix Sylvestre as Zeus’ Chauffeur, Marcello Bezina as Bird Clan Leader, Alex Stine as Prisoner #1, Patrick Kerton as Gladiator #1, Rob deLeeuw as Gladiator #2, Andrée Anne Godbout as Skeletron BMX Guard #1, Kim Cormier as Skeletron BMX Guard #2, Jodie Rimmer as Mother (voice), Geoff Houtman as Father (voice), Luke Haigh as Guard #12 and #14 (voice), Samuel Brisson as Zeus’ BMX Gang Member, Nathaly Thibault as Zombie.


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