Movies Galore Takes a look at Sean Weathers anthology “Vault of Terror II: The Undead” of Full Circle Films with directors: Jerri Landi, Charleton Jacob Jacques, Gregory Kurczinsky, and John Renna and Julian Dickman from 2015!

Written by David Strege


To be honest Sean Weathers seems to be using other Directors to Market his “The Fappening” which may or may not mean that it was selling well enough for him but With his “The Fappening” film being the wraparound tale shall we begin… and since I’ve already reviewed the Fappening I’m not even going to mention it again through here till the end…

In “He’s Not Looking So Great” directed by Gregory Kurczinsky Two couples also freinds are running through what appears to be the Zombie Appocalypse when suddenly one of the males decides that right then is the time to break up with his girl…


In “Friends in Dark Places” directed by Charleton Jacob Jacques Two arguing parents are worried about their son still sleeping in the other room with another prescence…

In “Sepulcher” directed by Julian Dickman, there just always gotta be that one asshole at the end of all things including the zombie apocalypse…

In “The Butcher Game” directed by John McDermott a group of highschool kids are kicking back around a campfire when out of the blue a killer with a machete in a baby face mask slices and dices them all…

In “Demonic Frequencies” Directed by Jerri Landi a woman is tending her garden when she tunes into a frequency from Hell… that only she can hear…

To be honest I enjoyed watching all of these segments though the dude who was an asshole in “Sepulchure was kind of annoying lol. Plus it was obvious dude was hitting elbows and not a face even though face was bloody…


The most intelligent tale here was freinds in dark places I believe where a child was talking to his demonic self/freind….

I mean which of you would be stupid enough to break up with ur chick in the middle of the apocalypse? Not me hehe

The object of a low budget film is to show what you can do and how you can portray a story on absolutely zero bucks and I think these directors did though there’s no real scare moment I’d recommend  “Demonic Frequencies” as it happens the director of cult classic Bronx “Krackoon” and “Bloodmarsh Krackoon” on the usage of his wife I believe hehe might as well have the devil possess her eh but seriously not a bad way to portray these films impressive… but I believe Sean was just trying to piggy back with the rest of these much better directors I hate to say this I think he tries but somewhat fails.

Starring Lloyd Kaufman as Walter Plinge (segment “The Fappening”), Erika Smith as Kim Kardashian (segment “The Fappening”), Tina Krause in (segment “The Fappening”) Rachael Robbins in
(segment “The Fappening”), Sybelle Silverphoenix as Jennifer Williams (segment “The Fappening”), Sean Weathers as Alan Smithee (segment “The Fappening”), Joel M. Reed as (segment “The Fappening”), Amoni B. As Ripley (segment “The Fappening”), Adonis Williams as Jason Vorhees (segment “The Fappening”), Jerry Landi as (segment “The Fappening”), Tamar Warner as Rosemary (segment “The Fappening”), Sky Claudette Soto in (segment “The Fappening”), Mino Jones in (segment “The Fappening”), Vlad Zee Dragan in (segment “The Fappening”), Steve Karlin as Gabriel (segment “The Fappening”), Melo
Clarice Starling in (segment “The Fappening”), Mr. ShoBiz in
(segment “The Fappening”), Diana Urgiles as Barbra (segment “The Fappening”), Simone Washington as Sidney (segment “The Fappening”), Devun Watford as
Kinison (segment “Friends in Dark Places”), Peter Bundic as Emery (segment “Friends in Dark Places”), Kevin Flatley as
Russell (segment “Friends in Dark Places”), Flora Karas as Nadine (segment “Friends in Dark Places”), Max Jay-Dixon as Chuck (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Kat Lindsay as Natalie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”) (as Kathryn Lindsay), Melanie Litton as Cricket Bat Zombie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Mallory Logan as Mary (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Cicily Prestridge as Brown Dress Zombie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Tim Sanford as Scuba Suit Zombie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Don Sauvage as Screwdriver Zombie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Matt Story as Brad (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Bob Bozek as
Jim (segment “Sepulcher”) (as Robert Bozek), Christopher Brechtel as Brent (segment “Sepulcher”), Amie James as
Amy (segment “Sepulcher”), Brenda Rickert as Carol (segment “Sepulcher”), Yor Naybor as Babyface Killer (segment “The Butcher Game”), Denis Silvestri as
Bobby (segment “The Butcher Game”), Paula Vernon as Cindy (segment “The Butcher Game”), Alyssa Lando as Sarah (segment “The Butcher Game”), Alex Gisondi asChandler (segment “The Butcher Game”), Matt Amore As Lance (segment “The Butcher Game”), Anya Landi as Cheerleader (segment “The Butcher Game”), Kristen Landi as Jordan (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Sal Amore as Cult Leader (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Sara Rosenberg as Crystal (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Melisa Vlasaty as Buffy (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Alan Stentiford as Zombie (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Scott Barile as Jake (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Chris Esposito as Luigi (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Nicole D’Ottavi as Karen (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Lisa Giordano as Peggy (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Diana Landi as Phone Conversation Woman (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Toni Auleta as Phone Conversation Woman (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Greg Hinaman as Infected Killer Zombie (segment “Sepulcher”).

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