Movies Galore takes a look at Director Tom Nagel’s debut feature film “Clowntown” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us from Millman Productions in association with Zorya Films and a Steel House Production director Tom Nagel (of short films, The Hitman – 2013, Relentless – 2013, and The Retrieval – 2014) released his full first feature film About a family protagonist clowns that terrorize an abandoned town.


In the begining of the film we see a beautiful young babysitter telling scary stories to her charges but after putting them to bed is sliced and diced all the while noticing the Clown memorabelia strewn about the home… fifteen years later…

Four freinds Brad, Sara, Mike, and Jill are traveling on their way to a concert when they stop by a sleepy cafe for directions.  Brad has plans to propose to Sara his buddy Mike being the comedic relief character of the film.


After Sara gets leered at by a trucker while giving them directions a local Sherrif tells them a route that may be faster and they get on their way… a little while later Jill realizes she’d left her phone at the cafe she calls it and makes plans to retrieve her phone in the next town by a vague sounding dude.

After patiently waiting the go back to their vehicle, realize a wire’s been cut and it’s then the first Three clowns make an entrance as the Clown protagonists chase them into a camper meeting up with an old man who helps hide them for a little bit while Jill’s beenkidnapped and held somewhere else….

I think this was a relatively decent ad to the Slasher genre though it didn’t really have many scares, there were a few more clowns than just the main three like a girl Clown one slightly lookedlike a white haired version of Alice Cooper that has a creepy hiss…


I also notice Nagel made this a family affair which often is more fun as a cast to involve though because you know eachother might also get irritating as cast members lol

There is one role though that sent a few chills as the role of the mother of the clowns… she sounded so Erie and disillusioned about protecting her children as she sat there cackling…

I’d put this in about the same class as “Beware of the Klowns” which i have reviewed before by Tom Wolak recently not that’s it’s a simLiar story line but the feel that this film gave me was the same.

I recommend this film for those who enjoy  Clown films but it does Runs tad slow and is also a slow burn but I didn’t feel all too scared by the clowns…

Starring Brian Nagel as Brad, Lauren Compton as Sarah (as Lauren Elise), Andrew Staton as Mike, Katie Keene as Jill, Jeff Denton as Dylan, Greg Violand as Frank, Maryanne Nagel as Myrtle, Tom Nagel as Billy, Kaitlyn Sapp as Jamie the Babysitter, David Greathouse as Baseball Clown, Chris Hahn as Machete Clown, Ryan Pilz as Crowbar Clown, Beki Ingram as Girl Clown, Alan Tuskes as Axe Clown, Christopher Lawrence Chapman as Sheriff, Thomas A. Nagel as Jake, Dyan Beder as Waitress, Nathan D. Goins as Little Ricky, Ava Joy Anselmo as Little Megan, Jami Kinton as Newscaster, Darryl Lewis as Drunk Man, Isabella Sofia Menna as Bikini Girl, Franklin Purtiman as Businessman, Katlyn Nagel as Missing Girl, Ken Stachnik as Chef Kubrick, David Kirst as Diner Patron, Jeff Miller as Guy leaving bathroom.

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