Movies Galore takes a look at U.K. director Lawrie Brewster’s “The Unkindness of Ravens” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


I imagine that soldiers of war of war coming back from any war whether it be fighting in the Foreign Legion, Vietnam, The Gulf, or fighting ISIS in these modern times of war have difficulties coming back and transitioning after seeing Brother offer brother fall in battle… many experience what is known as PTSD.

Directed by Lawrie Brewster bright to us by Hex Media, Dark Dunes Entertainment along with 3rd Monkey Productions and Lights Out Production who brought us “Lord of Tears” also known as “Owlman” brings us this story of a man struggling with his demons…


Andrew (Jamie Scott Gordon also from “Lord of Tears” cast) Is a vet dealing with problems of seeing visions of Ravens, visions of his Army buds and even a version of himself warning of the coming visitations of his hauntings.

As like one goes into withdrawal from a cigarette or not having one drop of liquor we watch as Andrew tries to take a vacation as he is now a photographer wanting to capture the beauty of the country side and takes a much needed Vacation.


What does one do when ones own mind wages war with oneself to begin with? This was both a horror film but the watch of a physical meltdown of a man who witnessed the bloody death of his platoon, lived to be haunted wondering why he was left… Spirit clawing at him to imagine the lost souls of his fallen comrades had transformed into an army of Raven Warriors Causing Andrew to become almost Raving mad.


Though there are moments of slowness that was made up for with the Scenery of the Scottish Countryside, the visuals of this film are absolutely stunning and plenty of emotion to portray so much Guilt…


This is certainly a mind trip that was worth the ride and wait to see and hope others will feel the same… I think in time also this will become known as an arthouse kind of Film as well as it touches base on levels of sanity that have only been broached my a mere few… on the reality of how war effects ya… enjoy!

ps I was one of the contributors 🙂

Starring David Izatt as Lost Soul, D.T. Wilson as Hostage, Jamie Scott Gordon as
Andrew, Craig J. Seath as Lost Soul, Nancy Joy Page as Old Lady, Andy McDonald as Lost Soul, Leon Carrington as Raven Warrior, Benjamin Ferguson as Lost Soul, Amanda Gilliland as Angela, Iain Leslie as
Pte Leslie, Farooqi Muskwati as Rebel Commander, Dougie Clark as Lee, Jamie Harrison-Grundy as Rebel Soldier, Daniel Casey as Craig, David Ross as Lost Soul, Ross Campbell as Rebel Soldier, Derek McIlhatton as Pte Mcilhatton, Raphael Zanders-McNeil as Rebel Soldier, Michael Brewster as ‘The Ravens Are Coming’ Lost Soul, Scott Wilson as Pte Wilson, Mark Hunter as Pte Hunter, Doug Robertson as
Raven Warrior, Keith Robson as Pte Robson.

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