Movies Galore Takes a look at Brad Twiggs Horror Anthology with Directors Richard Mogg, Joe Sherlock, Hayden Hall, Tony Masiello and Tony Newton in “Frames of Fear” 2016!

Written by David Strege


You know what I like about Brad Twigg of Funky Monkey Productions is that he is resilient in his Guirilla film making.  As all horror film makers do it’s a struggle to get into the business of Horror film making when you have the passion to do things no horror film maker has tried to do on the low budget you have… Even Mr. Twigg thinks “Ghoulish Tales” was bad but me? I actually think that there are a lot of mainstream horror film critics that make it a goal to discredit filmmakers like Twigg, among others the list could go on and I think many many others have been slammed under the bus by critics get right down and dirty and absolutely make a martyr of independent film makers especially horror film makers because a lot of people just don’t get the horror film enthusiasm as they often deal with horrors of their own.  They get a bad rap but Brad Twigg I feel has grown as a film maker as I discuss “Frames of Fear” with you all…

First of all this is an anthology so it is a collection of short films directed by different film makers in Brad’s syndicate of social freinds and film makers and as he’s worked with George Stover in Fiendish Fables as a Vampire, Mr. Stover has returned as the main Charactor in the wraparound story of this anthology a segment called “Frames of Fear”(directed by Brad Twigg) as Festering Frank.


As it appears Festering Frank seams to be a horror host of sorts as he brings us tales, 6 to be exact on VHS which was a part of the nostalgia of the 80s that it’s been brought back again and again.

The first tale or segment is called “Night Demon” directed by Tony Newton, where two young women and an older man look like they’ve come back from having a bit much to drink… not only is there a visitor in the night to the girls… but revenge is a dish best served bottoms up!


In “Video Decay” directed by Hayden Hall, virtual reality… what is virtual reality… a computeristic blueprint of an image planted in our minds to make us feel like it’s reality… but would you invite deaths reality… as these gamers unleash UnHoly Slaughter…


In “House Warming”directed by Joe Sherlock, a pleasently plump middle aged woman has a nightmare within a nightmare before a party put on for the new place she’s moved to… but also Argento like day dreammares… is everyone as welcome to see her there…


In “The Format of the Dead” directed by Richard Mogg, some VHS gurus have just heard of a huge dump site where a local VHS store dropped of they’re tapes but they are about to find out What format the land of the undead like…


In “Wrestle Massacre” directed by Brad Twigg himself Three girls are gabbing away about sexual Grody exploits before a random boys over party as a random killer wrestler shows them his moves… one by one…


In “Chester & Morty’s Grim Return” directed by Tony Masiallo, three school girls end up finding out who’s the real dummy as Grandpa Morty returns… but both the way you ought think…


Now part of watching independent horror films is you can not entirely criticize them entirely as they are meant to corny meant to be low budget and meant to be entertaining on what they can offer on so low a budget and cheese is exactly what you get in this anthology. There are at least four or five actors wearing whigs… plenty of blood that looks like barbecue sauce and at least one eyeball that looks like a door knob lol plus you can not forget the acting of Festering Frank’s Serveant as he become more frustrated with his tasks.

Ultimately this is one of my favorite SOV films of the year not only will you find my Name in the Sprcial thanks section of Fiendish Fables but you’ll also find it in the end of this one too and maybe that also helps but I thought the crackly VHS likeness was retro as well gave it an 80s quality to it…

I’m also glad Mr Joe Sherlock was involved as well I love that none of his actresses are skinny Minnie’s it’s an absolute drag when everybody’s the same dull thin and no boobs ya know what I mean? But I also have enjoyed his weird character in the sunglasses let’s see if you do and hope you all have enjoyed my review of this film. Plus I think each director brought to the table their different visions and I love seeing collaborations of this nature…

My only thought I’d it’s more amusing than it is frightening but I think it’s meant to be…


Starring Juurgen Van Abba as Uncle Les (segment “Housewarming”), Richie Acevedo as Biff (segment “Wrestlemassacre”), Laura Sophia Becker as Kate (segment “Night Demon”), Jaysen Cochran as Randy (segment “Wrestlemassacre”), Doug Ferguson as
Eddie (segment “Format of the Dead”), Steve Ferguson as Chester (segment “Format of the Dead”), Jesse L. Green as
Det. Richards (segment “Wrestlemassacre”), Hayden Hall as
Demon (segment “Video Decay”), Rick Hammel as Roger (segment “Housewarming”), David S. Hart as
Morty (segment “Morty and Chester’s Grim Return”), Maggie Hill as
Tracy (segment “Wrestlemassacre”), Ryan Hill as Shades (segment “Video Decay”), Sheena Irwin as Candy (segment “Morty and Chester’s Grim Return”), Maia Jade as
Girl in line (segment “Video Decay”), Rick Jermain as Det. Stevens (segment “Wrestlemassacre”), Richard Johnson as
Void (segment “Housewarming”), Erica Jones as Pamela (segment “Wrestlemassacre”), Ricky Leaks as
McTavish (segment “Housewarming”), Lindsay Lockhart as Roxanne (segment “Wrestlemassacre”), Brandon Lokey as
Hacker (segment “Video Decay”), Stephanie Marie as Maria (segment “Housewarming”), Richard Mogg as
Groundskeeper (segment “Format of the Dead”), Kirk Munaweera as Tony (segment “Format of the Dead”), Jordyn Naylor as
Zombie (segment “Format of the Dead”), Rosanna Nelson as Svetlana (segment “Wrestlemassacre”), Martin W. Payne as
Tim (segment “Night Demon”), Shawn C. Phillips as Tommy Peterson (segment “Frames of Fear”), Donna Rooney as
Vera (segment “Housewarming”), Alice Rosenberg as Christy (segment “Morty and Chester’s Grim Return”), Josh Schafer as
Dave (segment “Video Decay”), George Stover as Festering Frank (segment “Frames of Fear”), Abbie Thomas as
Sarah (segment “Night Demon”), Jank Thurber as Lionel (segment “Housewarming”), Kevin Tyler as
Tommy (segment “Wrestlemassacre”),
Dale Wilson
Mr. Birch (segment “Housewarming”)
Amy Woo
Ginger (segment “Morty and Chester’s Grim Return”)
Johnny Youngblood
Billy (segment “Wrestlemassacre”)

Movies Galore Takes a look at Rick Chandler’s short film “Legless” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


So this a different pace from director Richard Chandler of Indie “Lillith Trilogy” and “Gilgemesh” as well as “Scrooge in the Hood”.

Tim O’Shea is a beer drinker and all he does is drink and sit on his fat ass with his other fat freinds with his micro beer bar…

With his semi-retarded son moving out for college and his wife leaving him for a Mexican named Fernando instead of spending the night lonely, invites his best buds Big Al, Smiley, and Mickey over for a brew…

As the evening would have it, their freind Mickey after having a home remedy of an egg in a beer went camatose O’Shea and his freinds thought that he was dead as tanked as they were but they’d already had the evening entertainment stop by and they had to get rid of the body…

On a wild goose chase to hire someone to dump Mickey’s body they couldn’t front the dough to a gay queen thug leader, tryed to dump the body at a pub, ran out of gas, out drank a frat house, while running straight into Jack the Stripper aka the Mayor…

To be fair I felt like this was and is like a sort of tribute to Animal House and American Pie with Married with Children as it seems to have created a Lovechild and this would be legless…

Though I think some of the acting was slightly stiff in the beginning I I feel they all banded together in the end to create a funny atmosphere and characters of their own.


But now you know a little about the film now it is certainly sov but turned out to be ok.  Hope you enjoyed this review fellow Galoreans! Plus at the end is A punk/ screamo description title song in the end that’s a little comical if ya stick around in the end… enjoy!

Starring Mike Goodreau as Tim O’Shea,
Alexander Hauck as Big Al, George Raynor as Jack Smiley, Larry Dacosta as Mickey Whipplestein, Christine McFadyen as
Lynn O’Shea, Peter Morse as Fernando,
Mark Debenedictis as Drew O’Shea,
Matthew Colicci as Chainz, Jim Baker as
Skull, Todd Therrien as 8-Ball, Lilith Astaroth as Candy / Absinthe Fairy, Andrew Bard as Charlie the Brit, Marc Bode as Frat Boy, Brina as Bar floozie, Sandra Brown as Desire, Joe Campanella as Bouncer, Josh Carrig as Moses, Richard Chandler as Alien Dick, Larry Emerson as
Homeless Jim, Mary C. Ferrara as Leanne,
Kurt Gombar as Barkeep, Janea Granville as Sorority Sister, Don Hogue as Frat Boy,
Bill Jacques as Mayor Conforti / Jack the Stripper, Mike Karwin as Frat Boy, Caity Lepak as Sorority Sister, Janet Llavina as
Marge the RA, Marely Mercedes as Snobby Girl 2, Mike Nigro as Frat Boy, Laura Pizzuti as Headbanger, Rebecca Potts as Sorority Sister, Grace Rennick as Young Hick, Carver Riot as Absinthe Fairy, Josh Silvia as Himself, Alyssa Soule as Mosher,
Jacklyn Sullivan as Snobby Girl 1, David L. Tamarin as Bar Patron / Mosher.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Christopher Di Nunzios feature “Delusion” coming out on Cinema Epoch in 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Director Christopher Di Nunzio of Creepy Kids Productions and soon to be out on Cinema Epoch on DVD is this feature film from 2016.

The film begins as a young woman is holding a rosary apparently telling her inner demons to shut up…


pan in on Frank Parrillo and Tommy… Frank has recieved a letter from Tommys Aunt 3 years after an unknown incident… apparently she’s gone from this world though we don’t know the why or when or where…

We begin to see that Frank is suffering from paranoia and seeing people that aren’t there… including Isabella.  Frank doesn’t believe in the spiritual world but Isabella did and so Frank begins to go on a spiritual journey…  his delusions are all dressed up and waiting… watching….


What does one do with ones demons if coming face to face with them.  Ultimately there were a lot of slow moments in this film as it took awhile to get to a moment to speed up to its point.  Slow as it may be there is a madness portrayed in an eerie dream-like sequence of a succubus an almost vampire like creature…

This film is about a mans struggle with his grip on reality those with in the real world and those within bowels of the earth and beyond…


There are was definitely some moments of conversations that were philosophical or metaphorical which ever word you may prefer… as this is another film I don’t think everyone will get as the film becomes weirder and weirder as it goes…

I enjoyed this film but I do wish it had more of a faster pace but there is some beauty captured of nature that captures exactly where Frank wants to truthfully be… It certainly wasn’t scary but it is rather haunting and sad at times…


I hope you all have found this incitefull and enjoyed this review!

Starring David Graziano as Frank Parrillo, Jami Tennille as Mary, Irina Peligrad as
Lavinia, Kris Salvi as Grayson, Justin Thibault as Tommy, Carlyne Fournier as
Isabella Parrillo, Renee Lawrie as
Rose, Jessy Rowe as Wendy, Christine Perla as Catarina, Ronnie Oberg as Ronnie, Shereen Brown as Woman in park, Pete Premo as Dream Character #1, Denise Cascione as Dream Character #2, Irina Khaykin as Dream Character #3, Adam Khaykin as Dream Character #4, Jessica-Lee Van Winkle as Dream Character #5, Angel Connell as Diner Cook, Mary Beth Powers as Diner Patron #1, Elena Medvedeva as Diner Patron #2, Siobhan Lyons as Diner Patron #3, Justin Guyer as
Diner Patron #4, Teddi Grace as Diner Patron #5, Kerri Hommel as Diner Patron #6, Debbie Guyer as Diner Patron #7, Donald Oberg as Diner Patron #8.