Movies Galore takes a look at IFC film Director David Lowery’s film “Ain’t Them Dead Body Saints” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


As I just Reviewed Pete’s Dragon I wanted to review an earlier effort of David Lowery’s as it was apparent he was an independent director before helming that Disney film which is from IFC called “Ain’t Them Body Saints.”

It follows the story of star crossed lovers and Thieves similar to Bonnie and Clyde where we see that Bob Muldoon (Casey Affleck) and Ruth Guthrie (Rooney Mara) are holed up in a shootout in Texas after a heist where Ruth shoots the young sheriff (Ben Foster).


Once caught Bob Muldoon take the blame of shooting the sherrif on Ruth’s behalf for 25 years then one day makes a clean escape from a work truck to travel back home to see the wife and child he’s never saw born.

 Times have changed and because authorities are on the lookout out for him already makes it dangerous for him to return to begin with and as Muldoon has written to Guthrie over the years with unreturned letters the Sherrif expresses she should go away somewhere safe.


With a performance by Keith Carradine as Skerritt who plays the father of Bob and I believe Runs the General Store in town… three strangers also role into town looking for their cut of the last heist Bob and Ruthie had been part of…

In a way this was kind of a western drama but had moments of slowness and took its time getting to the point of its tale but I feel that this showed a narrative of the consequences of what happens after of crimes that didn’t sit well on ones so young…

It’s hard to say much of this film as I feel it began in the middle and as we only saw slightly what transpired when the strangers came after Muldoon, the way they watched him leave from his freinds bar…


The acting I feel was spot on by everyone but I myself specifically had problems understanding what Casey Affleck was Saying to Rooney Mara as he is very very very softly spoken and since he is soft the accent kind of muddled his speaking so I lost what he was saying while Muldoon was in the car speaking with Ruth.

Other than this it wasn’t a bad film the cinematography was slightly shakey a few times but I figured it was meant to be so.  There was certainly an amount of feeling and emotion to be fealt in this film the characters are easily relateable but it didn’t really impress me too much except for it’s simple beauty in the beginning of Muldoon And Guthrie alone in the car.

Starring Rooney Mara as Ruth Guthrie. Casey Affleck as Bob Muldoon, Ben Foster as Patrick Wheeler, Keith Carradine as Skerritt, Kennadie Smith as Sylvie Guthrie, Jacklynn Smith as Sylvie Guthrie, Nate Parker as Sweetie, Robert Longstreet as Cowboy Hat, Charles Baker as Bear, Augustine Frizzell as Sissy, Kentucker Audley as Freddy, David Zellner as Zellner, Turner Ross as T.C., Rami Malek as Will, Will Beinbrink as Lt. Townes, Frank Mosley as Lt. Carson, Steve Corner as Lt. Brule, Annalee Jefferies as Mary, Gwen Waymon as Margaret, Artist Thornton as Altman, Richard Jackson as Skerritt’s Friend, Johnny Hornas Stranger, Heather Kafka as Midwife #1, Susy Duggins as
Midwife #2, Wyatt James Stafford as Baby in Daycare, Steve Corder as Lt. Boone (uncredited), Alec Jhangiani as State Trooper (uncredited), Steve Jimenez as Detective (uncredited), Tony McCullough as Texas Highway Patrol (uncredited), James Paul As Cafe Patron (uncredited), Alice Searcy as Bar Patron Playing Pool (uncredited), Eric Steele as Miles (uncredited).

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