Movies Galore takes a look at Disney Director David Lowery’s Pete’s Dragon from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Over a year ago we heard that Disney was adapting a newer version of the tale of Pete’s Dragon for 2016 and I think they’ve found their director in independent film maker David Lowery of (Ain’t Them Body Saints).

In this version Pete was in a car going on an “adventure” with his parents as a small child.  A deer ran across the road causing an accident. After the accident is where Pete meets Elliot for the first time…

Six years later we see Pete a little older and looking not unlike memeseku of Jungle 2 Jungle or a young Tarzan for that matter as he runs through the woods With Elliot to their treehouse…

Unbeknownst to both a logging company has plans to rip this entired forest to the ground… but Pete first across Grace whom appears to be a forest ranger who knows these woods by the back of her hand…

Which is not until Natalie, Grace’s Daughter notice’s little Pete in the trees does Pete’s humble little world come to a hault as he is taken from the woods to their home.  Meanwhile Elliot has been asleep through all this and awakens to scare a few loggers one of them being family to Grace’s Husband also Log camp boss.

Elliot comes in search of Pete and after a few ramblings find him.  Pete on the other hand is excited to show Meecham (Robert Redford) whom has seen the Dragon before, Natalie and Grace his home that he’s made with Elliot but trouble ensues when the logger and also family member Gavin played by Karl Urban (Star Trek), captures Elliot and drags him into town with tranquilizers…

Elliot is obviously no longer an animation or drawing but a CGI created character but I feel they certainly most incredibly recreated Elliot and upgraded him for sure but certainly reminds me that even if we had something special or magical people like cops and all the above in authority would do anything imaginable to destroy such a creature for how Gavin acted in response to capturing The Dragon for sport.

What did disappoint me in this film is that we didn’t really get to see much of Pete’s growth and communication with the people of the town.  I believe the main focus was the strong bond and relationship the boy and the Dragon had.


I guess it’s also hard to imagine a Dragon as a fuzzy creature as it appears that Monsters Inc. seems to have had its influence in fuzziness hehe but Elliot has always been a character to me set aside from others and is in his own right a creature of his own.

I think I also enjoyed Robert Redfield’s performance though it was small he helped with his narrative to help it feel mor magical and mystical.

I enjoyed the film but I can’t help it’s Tarzan and Jungle Book ties and likeness to their stories origins…

Starring Bryce Dallas Howard as Grace, Robert Redford as Meacham, Oakes Fegley as Pete, Oona Laurence as Natalie, Wes Bentley as Jack, Karl Urban as Gavin, Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Sheriff Gene Dentler, Marcus Henderson as Woodrow, Aaron Jackson as Abner, Phil Grieve as Bobby, Steve Barr as Deputy Smalls, Keagan Carr Fransch as Doctor Marquez, Jade Valour as
Nurse Merriwether, Augustine Frizzell as
Mrs. Swanberg, Francis Biggs as Mr. Swanberg, Jasper Putt as Freckled Kid, Esmée Myers as Mom, Gareth Reeves as
Dad, Levi Alexander as Young Pete, Jim McLarty as Ranger Wentworth, Brandie Stephens as Patient’s Mom, Josephine Stephens as Little Girl Patient, Tai McKenzie as EMT Staffer, Ian Harcourt as
Deputy West, Mia Thomas as Jasmine, Ruby Acevedo as Joy, Oliver Neil as Jerry, James Allcock as Jimmy, Annabelle Malaika Süess as Jenny, Olly Presling as
Billy Brown, Jenesis Au-Yeung as Julia, Daria Ponomaryova as Jane, Bukhosi Ngewenya as Jandy, William J. Rawbone as
Jacob, Fraser McLeod as Millworker, Richard Falkner as Millworker, Jason Fitch as Logger, David J. Muzzerall as Citation Driver, Geoff Naylor as School Bus Driver, Toby Halbrooks as Unfortunate Ambulance Patient, Jade Healy as Waitress, John Kassir as Elliot Vocals (voice), Jude Swanberg as Crying Toddler Sounds (voice), Bart the Bear as Bear, Augie Davis as Zellner (uncredited), Craig Hall as Adult Pete (uncredited), Tom Kay as Fireman (uncredited), Tim Wong as Carruth (uncredited).

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