Movies Galore takes a look at bikesploitation film “C C & Company” directed by Seymour Robbie from 1970!

Written by David Strege


Since I pulled back my layers of bikesploitation films for a bit I figured I’d bring up a skin flick from 1970 directed by Seymour Robbie who wrote for tv shows like Murder She Wrote and Remington Steele but talk about sleaze lol.


I guess you’d call this a personal favorite of mine but the film start out with C C Rider (Joe Namoth) pretending to be shopping but instead making a sandwich by going to the bread isle, the meat department and the mayonnaise isle for some lunch and leave by buying something asto disguise his crime…


As we find out C C Rider is a drifter whom is rolling around with a motor cycle gang outfit run by a rugged looking man by the name of Moon.  The gang survived by waylaying passerby’s, sex trafficking and drinking, causing destruction but C C Rider also runs into the beautiful sex symbol Goddess Ann Margret playing Ann McCalley a woman hired to be a fashion designer for a more main stream dirt bike Racer in town.

Things don’t hit the fan until C C enters one of the races and beats Ann McCalleys Driver she’s designing for fair and square.  When C C doesn’t share his spoils with the gang and steals the gangs dough out from under Moon from Pom Pom this starts an all it man hunt for CC as he begins to have an affair with the beautiful Ann McCalley.


Now I know some of the stunts in here are rather stupid and the biker gang is more of a commune than a gang but this is seriously if you find the right copy from Platinum Disc Corporation a lot of fun.

This is a b movie and you’ll hear a lot of elevator music plus there is quite the steamy sex scene between Namath and Margret it was rememberable for me.

Also interestingly enough Sid Haig plays a small bit part as one of the bikers whom later we will know as Captain Spaulding from the Devils Rejects. Some may call this boring but I call it some good cheese and laughable… hehe


Also another film to have a cheese title song and apparently a real biker gang named either after or or of them.

Starring Joe Namath as C.C. Ryder, Ann-Margret as Ann McCalley, William Smith as Moon, Jennifer Billingsley as Pom Pom, Mike Battle as Rabbit, Greg Mullavey as Lizard, Teda Bracci as Pig, Don Chastain as
Eddie Ellis, Sid Haig as Crow, Bruce Glover as Captain Midnight, Kiva Kelly as Tandalaya, Jacquie Rohr as Zit-Zit (as Jackie Rohr), Robert Keyworth as Charlie Hopkins, Alan Pappe as Photographer, Ned Wertimer as Motorcycle Salesman, Bill Baldwin as Night Watchman (as William Baldwin), Shirley Eder as Lady Ticket Taker, John Wasserman as Store Manager, Bonnie Emerson as Model, Paula Warner as Model, Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Ryders as Themselves, Tedd King as Suicide Sam, Gary Littlejohn as Sitting Bull, Frank Noel as Kraut, Wayne Cochran as Wayne Cochran – lead, Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Riders (uncredited), Duncan Inches as Spectator (uncredited).


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