Movies Galore takes a Look at “20th Century Women” Directed by Mike Mills from 2016 and We Call it a breath of Fresh air!

Written by David Strege


I figured it was time to stray away from the films I tend to favor to review to bring you one of a recent screening I went to because of my involvement with the Women’s film festival and thought I’d be seeing your normal sobby chick flick and turned out to be impressed by its subtle jaunt into some of the greatest movements in history…


Directed by Mike Mills (Thumbsucker, Beginners) he spins a tale from narratives and Experiences of a Woman named Dorothea Fields (Annette Benning) and her troubled growing son Jamie.  Jamie and his mother also live with handyman Williams (Billy Crudup) and struggling feminist photographer Abbie (Greta Gerwig).


Ocassionally Jamie’s best freind Julie “Elle Fanning from Neon Demon” the girl next store type climbs up into Jamie’s room and talks for hours about all her relationship problems… while Jamie keeps the fact he’s in love with her to himself…

At some point Dorthea comes to the realization that she’s not getting any younger and decides to invite the help of the females in Jamie’s life to help teach him about the world in their own ways…


I felt this film was intellectually smart I mean,I could really relate to Jamie when he specifically read lines from a popular feminist Novel speaking words about the female productive system and learning about sexuality and the teenage angst in the seriousness of the punk music movement.  It was liberating seeing how each narrative was told.

It didn’t drag it got to the point I really thought Hollywood had lost its creativity for sometime and I’m glad I saw this film over Moana lol it was like a breathe of fresh air to to the serious subject matter.


Annete Banning in her mannerisms to figure out her role in hersons life was certainly a trip that I think everyone can enjoy… her performance isn’t unlike Hepburns in “On Golden Pond”.

Just goes to show you you can not judge a film by its cover!

Starring Annette Bening as Dorothea Fields, Greta Gerwig as Abbie, Elle Fanning as Julie, Billy Crudup as William, Lucas Jade Zumann as Jamie, Alison Elliott as
Julie’s Mother, Thea Gill as Abbie’s Mother, Vitaly Andrew LeBeau as
Young Jamie (as Vitaly A. Lebeau), Olivia Hone as Julie’s Sister, Waleed Zuaiter as
Charlie, Curran Walters as Matt, Darrell Britt-Gibson As Julian, Alia Shawkat as
Trish, Nathalie Love as Cindy, Cameron Protzman as Teen in Therapy, Victoria Bruno as Teen in Therapy #2, John Billingsley as Abby’s OBYGN, Cameron Gellman as Mark, Finnegan Seeker Bell as
Brian (as Finnegan Bell), Zoë Nanos as Tanya, Lauren Foley as Michelle, Gareth Williams as Fire Chief, J. Francisco Rodriguez as Fireman, Zoë Worth as
Family Planning Worker, Finn Roberts as
Tim Drammer, Laura Wiggins as Lynette Winters, Rick Gifford as Police Officer, Paul Tigue as Jamie’s School Principal, Matthew Foster as Dorothea’s Bank Manager, Kirk Bovill as Dorothea’s Dinner Guest, Victoria Hoffman as Dorothea’s Dinner Guest #2, Christina Offley as
Dorothea’s Dinner Guest #3 (as Christina Andrea Offley), Randy Ryan as
Dorothea’s Dinner Guest #4, Diana Bostan as William’s Women, Toni Gaal as
William’s Women #2, Tanya Young as
William’s Women #3, Hans-Peter Thomas as Abbie’s NYC Boyfriend, Kai Lennox as
Reporter / Abbie’s Future Husband, Paul Messinger as Santa Barbara City Official, Eric Wentz as Emergency Room Doctor, Samantha Gros as Emergency Room Nurse, Britt Sanborn as Emergency Nurse #2, Alexis Turner as Girls Choir (as Alexis Milan Turner), Catherine Zelensky as
Girls Choir #2 (as Catherine Selinsky), Boyce Buchanan as Girls Choir #3, Kyle Olivia Green as Girls Choir #4, Sam Marsh as Girls Choir #5, Antonia Marie Vivino as
Girls Choir #6, Sara Pelayo as Girls Choir #7, Annabelle Lee Moncrief as Girls Choir #8 (as Annabelle Lee), Avi Boyko as
‘Phlask’ (Club Band), Tyler Leyva as
‘Phlask’ (Club Band), Cameron Simon as
‘Phlask’ (Club Band), Jesse Sanes as
‘Snake Fang’ (House Party Band), Sam Bosson as ‘Snake Fang’ (House Party Band), Ian Logan as ‘Snake Fang’ (House Party Band), Patrick Pastor as Skateboarder, Trent Bowman as
Skateboarder #2, Justin Rivera as
Skateborder #3, Desmond Shepherd as
Skateboarder #4, Joshua Burge as
Abbie’s Friend, Daniel Dorr as
Abbie’s Friend #2, Christopher Carroll as
Pharmacist, Hayden Gold as Julie’s Hesher Friend, Alex Wexo as Julie’s Stepdad, Pete Mason as Bi Plane Pilot, Padraic Cassidy as
Drafting Officer Manager, Matty Cardarople as Bartender, Toni Christopher as Woman at Bar, Rachel Hirshee, Lucy Angelo as Stoner Kid (uncredited), Aleana Anthony as Nurse (uncredited), Casey Burke as Group Therapy Patient (uncredited), Susie Ganiere as School Secretary (uncredited), David James Goulard as A Passer-By (uncredited), Lisa-Beth Harris as Viv, French Mother (uncredited), Cindy Jo Hinkleman as Cindy (uncredited), Gwen Holloway as Jamie’s Nurse (uncredited), Daniel D. Houy as
Driver (uncredited), Sarah Josephs as
Laurie (uncredited), Henry Knotts as
Dirtbag (uncredited), Zoë Lillian as
French Teen Tourist (uncredited), Jacob Peacock As Carpenter #3 (uncredited), Haleigh Ward as Pregnant Teen (uncredited).

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