Movies Galore takes a look at Director Dane Keil’s dystopian Silent short film “Aeternus” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


Dane Keil I think as a young director is a rising individual that shows his creativity to a flying tee.  If you haven’t heard of his previous works they have All been short films by the names of “Xenophobia”, “Creative Differences”, and of course his “Potatoes from Outer Space! trilogy.


‘Aeturnus’ brought to us by Long Tall Sally Films, shows his love of Silent films and the black and white silver screen film era as well as German Expressionism dealing with shadowy imagery almost lost to modern day film viewers.

A creation wakes up in his creators lab also his bedroom alone to the books of his master where he finds a key that open a chest to the last message left by said Creator…

Dane captures a moment of knowing his only freind and companion his Master is dead he is alone…


So the creation decides to cook up an idea to create his own female creation…  from his Masters idea of life… but also in creation there is curiosity of the differences between life and death….

I feel ithis was a film almost in honor and Danes own story of Frankenstein but also a romantic love story that sadly shows emotion (Aaron Dunlap) who plays the creation shows much emotion and reminds me of David Lynch’s Eraserhead in the portrayal of displays of sadness and happiness…


Ultimately this is a treat to see and feel Dane made it his own tale… well done!

Starring Aaron Dunlap as The Creation, Kirsten Ehlert as His Love, Al Julian as
The Master

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