Movies Galore take a look at Director John Pata’s Short film “Better Off Undead” from 2007!

Written by David Strege


John Pata is a Wisconsin director who hails from the Oshkosh scene heading up Head Trauma Productions teaming with Newbeat to film his first short film Better Off Undead.

Marcus, Chris and Evan are college kids unawares of their surroundings as an infection spreads where kids and people they know in their small town are eating each other and infesting their own Gaming Center: House of Heros…

My biggest problem are the boys do an excessive amount of walking at one point but ultimately they hole themselves up in Marcus’s Apartment and get drunk….


When I first watched this short film months ago I wasn’t sure what to think but I’m kind of a fan of Marcus’s murderous energy lol at least in his dreams…

Perfect example of fucktards oblivious of the outside world yet somehow find their inner hero…

Not bad for his first film but there were a few slow moments like I said… but these guys are very relateable but they certainly seem to find sick things to converse about… not only that but Marcus’ roommate Nicole was bitten and starts to turn into one of those flesh eating undead laying on the lawn…

Ultimately it’s almost better off to be…

I enjoyed this second time around though these zombies look more like joker with BatmAn but it’s certainly got some nice splatter moments…


Starring Drew Schuldt as Marcus, Dale DeVries as Chris, Jordan Brown as Evan, Sam Warnke as Theo, Mary Manchester as
Emily, Dr. Kickbutt as Himself, Nicole Grumbeck as Nicole, Scott Dercks as Driver, Jason Baer as Zombie, Claudine Bonneau as Zombie, Nathan Bowie as
Zombie, Joey Brown as Zombie, Colin Crowley as Zombie, Paul Crowley as Zombie, Kyle Fischer as Zombie, Scott Garrity as Zombie, Jacki Higgins as Zombie, Ryan Kinderman as Zombie, Elizabeth Kinsman as Zombie, Jeniifer Kohler as Zombie, Wade Lallemont as Zombie, Eric Leitl as Zombie, Lee Marohn as Zombie, Jake Martin as Zombie, Brittney Olson as Zombie, John Pata as Zombie, Jessica Phaffenroth as Zombie, Jon Powell as Zombie, Keri Rasmussen as Zombie, Danielle Riemer as Zombie, Leah Rockweit as Zombie, Jason Ryf as Zombie, Koran Ryf as Zombie, Amanda Schreiber as Zombie, Tony Seraphine as Zombie, Tauno Stark as
Zombie, Eric Stykel as Zombie, Peter Van Linn III as Zombie, Coree Van Thiel as
Zombie, Eric Van Thiel as Zombie, Michael Waltenberry as Zombie, Max Wasinger as
Zombie, Charlie Wilheim as Zombie, Arthur David Williams Jr. as Zombie (as Dave Williams).

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