As we love Clown Films Movies Galore takes a look at Tim Wolak’s 2015 debut feature”Beware of the Clowns”!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Director Tim wolak in 2015 from Wolak Cinema is a film of a town that has a law against clowns…

There is a reason for this… Fifteen years ago in Santa Mira the Sheriff killed Chris Cutter who went around killing people leaving them painted up as clowns.


As we find out the Sherrif has two daughters one Lisa, is going out with the son of the last known Clown in town.

Little do they know a certain Clown King has rousted a gang of clowns Emaciating Cutters legacy of killing.


I kinda enjoyed this homage to films of the 70s and 80s slasher films the Sherrif was ready to pin it on the clowns son.  But as it happens Joy the other daughter and her current man were out one night when the Klown King and his gang were out then kid napped her and her man for baiting the Sherriff to ultimately get revenge…


Oh it’s obvious the blood is fake and Mark Conway will certainly be remembered by me for his almost jokers laugh.

I can easily see this film having a cult status of sorts well done!


Starring Sara Andrews as Pie Victim, Alley Banks as Running Victim, Simon Barrios as
Officer Foore, Roxann M. Berry as Extra, Mark Conway as The Klown King, Jordan R. Cox as Tailer, Sarah Denton as Fridge Victim, Dimitri Dovellos as Extra, Jason Elkins as George Jenkins, Matt Forssander as Extra, Kyoto Garcia as Extra, Aaron Hart as Fatty, Keith Henman as Deputy Martin, David A. Hubert as The Sheriff, Brian Keith as Danny Jabber, Zoe Kietzman as Extra, Jarrett Maier as Hooded Clown Boy, Barry Murdock Jr. as Officer Joplin, Jordan Parsons as Topper, James Timothy Peters as Trench, Laura Pointer as Extra, Vincent Prisco as Punky, Kali Rasala as Extra, Amanda Risinger as Joy / Lisa, Jasmine Russi as Extra, Maddie Severance as Extra, Nicole Severance as Extra, Matthew Shutske as Extra, Ogunde Snelling as
Extra, Mark Stombaugh as Extra, Ron Tate as Cletus the Hunter, Adriana Desiree Vega as Tootz, Steva Von Braun as Mechanic Victim, Anne Wallace as Extra, Adam Weissbradley as Extra, Tim Wolak as Extra, Dallas Wolters as Carl, Jordan Wolters as
Justin Wolters
Bobby Jenkins

As a Martial arts Lover Movies Galore presents his view on A guilty pleasure from 1983 by Director Yen-Ping Chu “Fantasy Mission Force” aka “Dragon Attack”

Written by David Strege


I actually think this was Japans response to  The Dirty Dozen but this is cheesey at its very best.

Directed by Yen-Ping Chu in 1983 this is a delightfully colorful corny cheesy everything so bad it’s great kinda film and elements of comedy expressed from none other that Jackie Chan the legend.


A general is aware of a situation of American pows and from what I remember   Abe Lincoln being one of the names to go and rescue so this General assemble the most unlikely Motley Crew to go in and rescue these so called world leaders…

The film really begins with a Japanese man singing some weird funky song.  After the General is sent to go gather his team Lily a bounty hunter of sorts is seen playing a drinking game where each takes a drink and throws a weapon stripping a female cuffed to the wall.


Once her recieve Kent was found out she took whatever money there was and ran.  Upon returning to her current residence an old flame dressed like Elvis has shown up she smacks the shit out of him but they end up making love anyways.

Next morning the General strings Lily up to get Billy the Elvis looking Japanese impersonator in bell bottoms attention.


The general strikes up a deal and promises money and goes on his merry way meanwhile Jackie Chan plays Sammy whom we come across taking the place in a match by bringing a fake wrestling champion to the match to get away with the prize money.  It’s here that the General steps in takes the winnings to keep him and his female partner in crime Emily from prison.


Gathering up four more characters Old Sun, Stone, an army commander and his most stupidly retarded leeftenant in Scottish garb.

On their journey they run into some very arial Amazonian wooden run by just one man as well as spend the night in an warily haunted house.  Hilariously where they encounter a ghost peeper and the men have an interest wring card game with the dead who don’t like losing hehe.

In the end they end up in a fight not unlike the gunfight at the OK Coral except with Roger Coleman Deathrace Cars.

Sound like a movie up your Alley?

i enjoyed it for its corniness and sleaze,  the Amazon women were a sight to see as well as Lily in her Tom boy outfit with her double sided spear.


Starring Jackie Chan as Sammy (as Jacky Chan), Brigitte Lin as Lily (as Chan Hsia Lin), Yu Wang as Don Wen (as Yu Wang), Yueh Sun as Old Sun, David Tao as Billy (as Tao Da Way), Jing Fang as General, Shiu Bu Lia as Stone, Frankie Kao as Grease Lightning (as Ling-feng Kao), Adam Cheng as Amazon Leader (as Adam Cheng Siu-Chow), Ling Chang as Emily, Paul Chang, Hung Lieh Chen, Fu Hung Cheng, Di Chin, Pin Chin, Hsiang-ping Hu, Ti-Men Kan as
Lily’s partner, You Min Ko, Chun Kuo, Ying Lee, Kun Li, Kai-Wen Lin, Wan-Chang Lin,
Yang Tan, Ru-De Tsai (as Shui-te Tsai), Chi Tung, Ma-Li Wang.

As part of our 31 days of Halloween viewing Movies Galore Takes a look at MGM Director Robert Wise 1963’s “The Haunting” Starring Julie Harris!

Written by David Strege


Based upon a book by then supernatural novelist Shirley Jackson “The Haunting of Hill House” Robert Wise of MGM studios after the marvelous success of his Romeo & Juliet related musical West Side Story read the book and it frightened him enough to give the book to his script writer Nelson Gidding.


Now Gidding had worked with Wise before on “I Want To Live” from 1958 so six months later he wrote a script comprising of elements of a nervous breakdown in the lead character Eleanor Vance.

It was later when meeting Ms. Shirley Jackson that she’d intended the story to have more supernatural elements but the concept of the breakdown Giddons had in mind still stuck.


Robert Wise chose Julie Harris for the role but also at that time the actress was suffering from depression and just seemed to have unbalanced relationships with the rest of the cast which as I recently watched the film noticed this extremely in the almost cruel way actress Claire Bloom as Theodora seemed to treat Eleonor or Julie There was almost no chemistry of freindship accept during the first night in the house.


Something else I learned which intrigues me is that the character of Theodora in the novel had more of a lesbian relationship towards Eleanor that Wise couldn’t portray on screen as due to censorship rules but was certainly mildly suggested in the scenes where Harris and Bloom were frightened together that first night as well.


The story of The Haunting begins of a narration of the house with creepy undertones along with a play-by-play re-enactment of the history of the house of Hugh Crain.  Crain had a first wife that never fully made it to the house she died mysteriously in a carriage accident apparently the horses spooked and she died.  Crain also had a daughter name of Abigail and as men do Hugh Crain married a second wife and one day no one really knows how it happened but this second Mrs Crain falls down the stairs… later Hugh Crain goes on a trip and drowns Mysteriously once again a strange happenstance.


Abigail Crain grows up and inherits the house, hires a local girl to become her companion.  In her old age it’s said that whil the companion was with a lover Abigail died banging her cane on the wall for help and died alone.

The companion then inherited the home and is said to have never married but hung herself above the winding staircase.

A scientist by the name of John Markway has an interest in debunking the haunting and spirits in the home and seeks out Eleanor among others that have had abnormal situations happen to them.

Eleonor Vance’s mother has apparently died that she had taken to helping during a rather long sickness.  We find her in the company of a sister who seems to hate and distrust her.  Eleonor is determined to go to Hill House and does.

Throughout the entire film we are let in on Nell’s thoughts her forebodings her fears all apparent nervousness as well.


Tone of the film is set as the Dudleys the caretakers of the home seem to be as uninvited as the luminous windows of the manor as Eleonor feels is watching her.

we meet Thoodora an obviously worldly classy dame in furs and expensive clothing but later I find Claire Blooms acting almost stiff and cruel in nature.  I fear the only two actors who seem rightly fit to play their roles were Russ Tamblyn who played Luke Sanderson as he was the comic relief relied on to carry some humor to the gloom.


The other being Richard Johnson playing the good doctor for this time period I feel he was correctly cast.

As far as Julie Harris I feel she was right for this role at the time and feel that because Eleanor was in fact having a nervous breakdown that Julie’s depression just played into the role.

Now Wise was apparently using a camera a 30mm that wasn’t quite ready for filming and had a distortion at times had to sign something to the effect he understood that the camera wasn’t entirely working correctly but it created a panning effect never used before in cinematography which makes me think this is more of an art house film.


It is my complete opinion that the story line is discombobulated and disjointed seems kind of slapped together and is by no means a masterpiece but appears to have landed a cult standing and is considered one of the greatest horror films of all time.

this being said I am of the latter and think not.  It is curious that they use two different locations one being the grounds of and the outside of Ettington Park now the Ettington Park Hotel in Warrickshire but was in a studio in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire that the inside of the home took place.

Harris and Bloom apparently were frightened of Ettington Park as it was creepy on the outside so this is why the interior of the home wasn’t used.

Ultimately I enjoy it for its content and its storyline but it is confusing and doesn’t seem to connect in ways.


I know it’s well liked and enjoyed by most but I am certainly disapointed in this film seeing it again as I had as a child I see it with new Eyes.

Starring Julie Harris as Eleanor Lance, Claire Bloom as Theodora, Richard Johnson as Dr. John Markway, Russ Tamblyn as
Luke Sanderson, Fay Compton as
Mrs. Sanderson, Rosalie Crutchley as
Mrs. Dudley, Lois Maxwell as Grace Markway, Valentine  as Mr. Dudley, Diane Clare as Carrie Fredericks, Ronald Adam as
Eldridge Harper, Pamela Buckley as
First Mrs. Crain (uncredited), Amy Dalby as Abigail Crain – Age 80 (uncredited), Rosemary Dorken as Abigail Crain’s Nurse-Companion (uncredited), Verina Greenlaw as Dora Fredericks (uncredited), Claude Jones as Garage Attendant (uncredited), Frieda Knorr as Second Mrs. Crain (uncredited), Howard Lang as Hugh Crain (uncredited), Janet Mansell as Abigail Crain – Age 6 (uncredited), Paul Maxwell as Bud Fredericks (uncredited), Susan Richards as Nurse (uncredited), Mavis Villiers as Landlady (uncredited).

Normally your partner is eating this female sex organ not the other way around in this throwback comedy b-movie from Japan director Takao Nakano’s Sexual Parasite: Killer Pussy from 2004 lets see what Movies Galore has to say about it!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Takao Nakano from Japan in 2004 I watched this feature but I had to again as its my latest creature feature with English subtitles to me is absolutely funky and over the top hilarious in title and storyline part CGI mostly puppetry hehe


Some scientists or archaeologists I’m not sure entirely which are on the discovery of a new species but are forewarned by a shaman or wizard of evil before the lead fremale explorer was over taken by the evil spoken of…

Later a group of five freinds enter a deserted jungle and trespass inside an abandoned house only to haunted by the woman spoken of earlier with a monster hidden inside her reproductive organs.



Lined with some comedy with a love tryst lesbian triangle kinda thing going on each has to survive the night from the parasite as it jumps from host to host…
Are you prepared for this b-ish romp? Hehe

I liked this film maybe because of the outlandish title but also for its creative use of like I said before puppetry and CGI who ever thought this up had the right idea for a good laugh but I enjoyed it and hope anyone else does if they come Across this wacky title…

Starring Sakurako Kaoru as Mikage Ryoko,
Natsumi Mitsu As Mari Akabane, Masanori Miyamoto as The Wizard, Tomohiro Okada
as Akira Yono, Tôgo Okumoto as Hiroshi Omiya, Toshimichi Tasaki as Naoto Kuraki, Kanji Tsuchiya As The Guide, Sachika Uchiyama as Saki Kiriyama, Yumi Yoshiyuki as Sayoko Jujo.