Normally your partner is eating this female sex organ not the other way around in this throwback comedy b-movie from Japan director Takao Nakano’s Sexual Parasite: Killer Pussy from 2004 lets see what Movies Galore has to say about it!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Takao Nakano from Japan in 2004 I watched this feature but I had to again as its my latest creature feature with English subtitles to me is absolutely funky and over the top hilarious in title and storyline part CGI mostly puppetry hehe


Some scientists or archaeologists I’m not sure entirely which are on the discovery of a new species but are forewarned by a shaman or wizard of evil before the lead fremale explorer was over taken by the evil spoken of…

Later a group of five freinds enter a deserted jungle and trespass inside an abandoned house only to haunted by the woman spoken of earlier with a monster hidden inside her reproductive organs.



Lined with some comedy with a love tryst lesbian triangle kinda thing going on each has to survive the night from the parasite as it jumps from host to host…
Are you prepared for this b-ish romp? Hehe

I liked this film maybe because of the outlandish title but also for its creative use of like I said before puppetry and CGI who ever thought this up had the right idea for a good laugh but I enjoyed it and hope anyone else does if they come Across this wacky title…

Starring Sakurako Kaoru as Mikage Ryoko,
Natsumi Mitsu As Mari Akabane, Masanori Miyamoto as The Wizard, Tomohiro Okada
as Akira Yono, Tôgo Okumoto as Hiroshi Omiya, Toshimichi Tasaki as Naoto Kuraki, Kanji Tsuchiya As The Guide, Sachika Uchiyama as Saki Kiriyama, Yumi Yoshiyuki as Sayoko Jujo.