Movies Galore takes a look at Director Trevor Juenger’s Feature film “Coyote” from Wild Eye in 2014!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Wild Eye Releasing and directed by Trevor Juenger featuring a phenominal actor for his main character Bill played by horror favorite Bill Orberst Jr. (Circus of the Dead, Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies).


Bill is a struggling writer, we can see this As he struggles to write a letter to his own mother in the opening scenes of the film…

A man not only deprive of sleeep but afraid of it… as his dreams and ideas are only filled with scenes of death… this is certainly a vial journey that’s certainly an acid-filled mushroom of a dream.


There are references to E.T., Psycho, Naked Lunch, A Clockwork Orange… a manifesto of images of surreal thoughts… but I know this isn’t a film everyone will enjoy…  but I enjoyed the idea that Aliens are behind the acts of nature like hurricanes and floods… earthquakes… as revenge for earth sending Rockets up to the moon…


After watching the film a second time I’m actually beginning to enjoy Coyote it’s like a Rorschach’s test a kaleidoscope of thoughts what Bill the writer says and doesn’t say… the acting of the mover guy freind could have had more emphases or enthusiasm but then again I liked he had a no bullshit attitude.


Ultimately it’s totally up to the viewer about whether you enjoy this kind of art house type film and the first time seeing it I was trying to figure this one out but I watch it a second time and I got it.

It is slow but it’s not scary…  and I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts…


Starring Bill Oberst Jr. as Bill, Joe Hammerstone as Graphics Guy, Heather Schlitt as Homeless Woman, Shawn I. Chevalier as Joan, Victoria Mullen as Jesse, Bill Finkbiner as Joe, Sydney Joanne Hood as Secretary, John Lewis as Teen, Daniel Irwin as Magician, Ryan Caldwell as Technical Director, Nick Brian Walters as
Shop Owner, Aliyah Studt as Little Girl, Chris Bruemmer as Gun, James Westbrook as Knife, Andrew Gelos as Director (as Andrew Weber), Tasha Zebrowski as Thumbsucker, Carrie Lax as Camera Operator Female, Colleen Malone as
Linda, David Wassilak as Tom,
Jaysen Cryer

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