Movies Galore takes a Look at Casey Crow’s Short film “Klagger” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Zallerquad Films and based on a story by S.M. Hastings called Doppelgänger this fifteen minute short film is directed by Casey Crow from 2011.

The film begins as we see an abandoned factory building as you listen to a song you’d normally here while your tanking A a pitcher after a long day at work as we see a worker pull up in a truck…

there to do some routine work he feels like he’s been here before… as he’s about to leave he hears the words “Save Me” or “Sady” I’m not sure which, whispered in the dark corners of the abandoned building…


So the worker starts looking around finds a newspaper clipping of the factory closing due to a death of a worker we don’t catch its name… the worker known as Perry continues upstairs calling out to see whose there and in the dark recesses there is a cloaked figure in smoke clanging a huge wrench the noise getting louder… and louder… and louder until it distracts Perry enough that he falls through the floor and it is then that we get a glimpse of the faceless creature Klagger as he hears a rock at Perry…


I really liked this short film it had just enough tension to keep you on the edge and as Casey Crow is making it into a feature film on kickstarter currently we may just get to see more…

I also like that it has a smoke and mirrors ghostly effect where he uses sounds to his advantage at exactly the right moment I won’t say anymore for I’d rather like you the watchers to watch it and enjoy it as well.  I’m looking forward to the feature if it gets funded… enjoy!

Starring Matthew Aycock as Perry, Matt Willis as Klagger.

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