Movies Galore take a look at this different version of the Dickensian Tale, Rick Chandler’s 2011 feature film “Scrooge In The Hood”

Written by David Strege


Well Richard Chandler Director of Gilgemesh and The Lilith Trilogy of Boston Family films has re adapted the classic tale of Charles Dicken’s tale of Scrooge his way in 2011.


Scrooge is now an African American owning what looks to be a strip joint and a pimp.  This feature opens up at the funeral of his business partner Jacob Marley all with their brims on.

All Scrooge ever cared about was his money so why not have him be a miserly pimp who didn’t even help his own partner and only freind out in the end…

the differences are plain as you can see Bob Cratchet is now Mr. Crotchrot,  it’s not his nephew who invites him to Christmas it’s his niece… all the while it’s Ba humbug…

Meanwhile the Jewish mafia has decided to steal his business and his whores as Scrooge is visited by three spirits… four of you his Jamaican dead partner Marley…


I loved how the first spirit was a drunk fairy in a punk teen dress with fake wings and wand lol but she takes him back to the hood… and shows him his childhood…

Old Fezziwigs Christmas party is more like a swinger party it’s like Rick chandler put Sanford in A Christmas Carol lol. But on almost no budget wigs are what you see…

In a strange quirky way I liked this version of Scrooge though low budget it is but it is very slow and not for everyone.  It’s not creepy but it is packed with dirty language and dirty whores…

Christmas presents a beer drinking happy red neck joker in a robe and one of those cheep Santa hats…

Ultimately this is still a Scrooge to go down for the holidays…  as those Jewish Mafia dudes don’t know what’s coming for them.

The only thing I didn’t like is there wasn’t much of a Tiny Tim to the story line but seeing Rick Chandler dress up like the ghost of Christmas yet to come is priceless… and I think Marley should wear the chains he forged in life but every one does this story differently to make it their own…

Like I said this isn’t a film everyone is going to like but it’s certainly a different adaptation of the tale.  Hope you enjoyed my thoughts my Galoreans… enjoy!

Starring George Raynor as Scrooge, Tina Krause as Sally, Seregon O’Dassey as
Ghost of Christmas Past, Peter Morse as
Abby, Kassandre Casame as Freda, Bill Jacques as Mr. Crotchrot, Todd Therrien as
Ghost of Christmas Present, Richard Chandler as Ghost of Christmas Future, Alexander Hauck as Tiny Tim, Oselito Joseph as Zeke, William Bloomfield as
Ari, Jim Baker as Mike the Russian, Allan Alexander as Jacob Marley, Timothy J. Anders as Big Mike, Lilith Astaroth as Mistress Ivy, James Barrett as Mohammad, David Bockenkamp as Mrs. Crotchrot, Mike Brophy as Pawnshop Owner, Sandra Brown as Tiffany, Joe Campanella as Bouncer, Matthew Colicci as Abeb, Diane Curran as Pawn Shop Patron, Larry Dacosta as Slim Jim, Craig Goedecke as
Old Lady, Kurt Gombar as Barkeep, Mike Goodreau as Old Feziwig, Bernie Hutchens as Undertaker, Stacey Forbes Iwanicki as
Dancer, Ivan Kasana as Pimp 1, Ruth Kelly as Abby’s Mom, Alexander Lewis as Tommy, Holid Love as Smitty, Mark MacDonald as Thug, Gareth William Mannion as Want, Marely Mercedes as
Young Fran, Sarah Michelle as Tiny Tim’s Ho, Brian Odiana as Pimp 2, Cj Okafor as
Young Scrooge, Katie Petkiewich as
Martha Crotchrot, Jim Pierce as Peter Crotchrot, Chandler Place-Downie as
Student, Margaret Sammarco as Stripper, Steve Sandberg as Abe Whipplestein, Angela Seay as Fran in her 20s, Dwayne Sneed as Rev. Jones, Alyssa Soule as
French Maid, Wes Williams II as
Scrooge in his 20s (as Wes Williams).

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