Hello Galoreans!

My name is David Strege,

Hi all! I like to be open with our group and our fans who follow along with our blog and our group.  Now I do have a disability, I have aspbergers Syndrome but most people know this about me but I’ve always felt  my opinion on things and the way I describe films has always led to inspiration and many of you know I’m into obscure titles and so on and so forth it’s been quite a journey!

Originally we started out as just a Stephen King Movie page imagine that! But as I David came to realize my interest didn’t just lie with Stephen King Films it lay in the history of films and though I don’t have a total grasp on details sometimes…I still feel I have a grasp on most as I watch over time.  I don’t just watch a film once I watch films many times when I review to get a total grasp on the gist of the film plots the acting and so on and so forth.

Now I realize everyone has an opinion and your entitled to yours… I’ve also run into some crackpot journalists who don’t know the difference between sex workers and Exotic dancers lol but you run into many different opinions along the way.  I find that I’m like that last standing unicorn though I love mainstream films and the classics, westerns and Martial arts I have an extreme interest in underground indie horror films.  Thanks to Stephen Milek of Milwaukee Movie Talk and His partner Chris House they’ve helped me open my mind to the world of Short films and I feel I’ve grown from my experience from them.

Since begining this journey, I’ve also done a lot of funding for a fair amount of short films , features and documentaries over a period of time related to the horror genre that have and yet to come out for most but I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish and glad I could share this journey with most of you as I’m constantly learning…

thankyou for listening My fellow Galoreans and have a great day!

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