Movies Galore takes a look at this 1999 gem “The Item” Starring Ron Fitzgerald who played a bit part in “Incest Death Squad” and lead role in “Magus” directed by Dan Clark!

Written by David Strege


From what I understand this crazy film went to the Sundance Film Festival and at one of the Screening’s was called Quintin Terentino on Acid lol. This being said it was directed by Dan Clark with Trillion Entertainment as A Wandering Monkey Project whom also starred as Alex.

So Lauren , Alex Fatty and Martin are criminals, working for an unknown employer to pick up an item sit on it for twenty-four hours until they collect a bounty in the morning.  The Pick up is from a Dr. Ody played by Chicago’s own Ron Fitzgerald known for Incest Death Squad, Blood Gnome, Magus and Dark Realm.  Somewhat mysterious he doesnt know exactly what creature is in the fortress of a combinationed box but tries to renig on selling the item but pays for it with his death…

Mean while Alex and his crew of misfits take the item back to Alex’s asian art student  girlfriend Rita’s for safe keeping…  and as curiosity got the best of them they decided to have a look at the item… it then gets a little goofy from here on out…

Four of Rita’s artsy freinds’ in drag show up unexpectedly and Martin, paranoid shoots at them as they’ve seen the creature and Fatty and Martin start chasing them down, but the chasing more looks like they are floating… a martial arts drag-queen fight with racing car sounds and its back to the what-we-don’t-know-is-in-the-box.

One by one the creature toys with all of there minds…. until…

I thought this film was wacky as all heck very enjoyably bad and funky it was great!  There was some over the top acting and hard to not laugh at the part where Alex went up against one of the transvestites… as each criminal learned deeper and darker secrets of their madnes as each turn against one another, even though the creature is obviously a puppet and looks like a penis with eyes lol. I also enjoyed Dr. Ody’s Character he was a little eccentric… even though his part was short lived.


Starring DawnMarie Ferrara as Lauren (as DawnMarie Velasquez), Dan Clark as Alex, Dave Pressler as Martin, Dan Lake as Fatty,    Ron Fitzgerald as Dr. Ody, Romy J. Sharf as
Nurse Nicky, Judy Jean Kwon as Rita, Kyle B. Cunningham as Joseph, Steven K. Mok as Drag Queen #1, Peter Sean Maloney As Robin (as Peter Sean), Paul Balagot as Drag Queen #2, Alexandre Pierre as Drag Queen #3, Alden Bunyan as Paulie.


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