Movies Galore Take a look at 2015’s Celebrety inspired “The Fappening” by Director Sean Weathers of Full Circle Films!

Written by David Strege


On August 31st 2014 a series of Photos of celebrities, mostly women, many containing nudity were posted on the Imageboard known as 4chan and later on social media networks such as Imgur and Reddit to ultimately be known as what the media would call Fappening.  A word using the slang term for Masterbation “Fap” and the word “Happening.”

In reality this event not only Fappened once, but Multiple times and in a sense raping celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kirsten Dunst, Jill Scott, Kate Upton and Olympic Gymnist McKayla Maloney to name a few of private moments that may have set each of their careers back…. due to hackers these celebrities were scammed of indecency and this event is what film maker Sean Weathers of Full Circle Films satires and tries to do a take of his own on The Fappening in his way as Alan Smithee.

In the beginning of this 2015 film we see an interview with whom we are led to believe is with Kim Kardashian and how The Fappening halted her career with a news reporter…


But what Sean seems to do is paint us a picture of Alan Smithee being the man behind the hacked photos as celebrities whom he’s slept  with come at him for the photos and videos leaked from his phone.

Now Smithy is being hated on by many film makers because of this celebrity hack as he goes to Jerry Landi of Amduck Productions, Joel M. Reed director of famed Bloodsucking Freaks, even Loyd Kaufman of Troma.  All three don’t even want to have anything to do with him since they all think he’s exploiting all these celebrities.

Eventially Alan Smithy buckles and snaps dons a mask then goes off on a killing spree of all the celebrities that came and ousted him of his spiraling career…


Ultimately I’m not sure I enjoyed this film as it exploits a largely exploitation of truth but I’ll give him credit for staging a killing of Kim Kardashian she is so annoying on her reality show lol


Favorite line “Jerry belongs in the Mob not on a film set…” Now there was some acting from some of the actresses that could have had more emphasis in their hatred and acusations there were even a few stuttering from a few of the same actresses other than that I think now the killings are left up to the imagination on whether they actually Fappened…


I do think this is a prime example of the thoughts behind those who might of been involved in the Fappening itself but Sean Weathers wanted to show what it would have been like if a struggling film maker was the cause behind it all.

If anything it’s worth a watch plus on the DVD Jerri Landi and Sean Weathers present a few of their oldest favorite classic like The Killer Shrews etc.

Hopefully you enjoyed my review and enjoy!

Starring Lloyd Kaufman as Walter Plinge,
Tina Krause, Sybelle Silverphoenix as Jennifer Williams, Amoni B. As Ripley, Rachael Robbins, Joel M. Reed, Erika Smith as Kim Kardashian, Sean Weathers as Alan Smithee, Adonis Williams as Jason Voorhees, Mino Jones, Tamar Warner as
Rosemary, Jerry Landi, Melo as Clarice Starling, Sky Claudette Soto, Diana Urgiles as Barbra, Simone Washington as Sidney, Steve Karlin as Gabriel, Vlad Zee Dragan as
Mr. ShoBiz.

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