As we love Clown Films Movies Galore takes a look at Tim Wolak’s 2015 debut feature”Beware of the Clowns”!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Director Tim wolak in 2015 from Wolak Cinema is a film of a town that has a law against clowns…

There is a reason for this… Fifteen years ago in Santa Mira the Sheriff killed Chris Cutter who went around killing people leaving them painted up as clowns.


As we find out the Sherrif has two daughters one Lisa, is going out with the son of the last known Clown in town.

Little do they know a certain Clown King has rousted a gang of clowns Emaciating Cutters legacy of killing.


I kinda enjoyed this homage to films of the 70s and 80s slasher films the Sherrif was ready to pin it on the clowns son.  But as it happens Joy the other daughter and her current man were out one night when the Klown King and his gang were out then kid napped her and her man for baiting the Sherriff to ultimately get revenge…


Oh it’s obvious the blood is fake and Mark Conway will certainly be remembered by me for his almost jokers laugh.

I can easily see this film having a cult status of sorts well done!


Starring Sara Andrews as Pie Victim, Alley Banks as Running Victim, Simon Barrios as
Officer Foore, Roxann M. Berry as Extra, Mark Conway as The Klown King, Jordan R. Cox as Tailer, Sarah Denton as Fridge Victim, Dimitri Dovellos as Extra, Jason Elkins as George Jenkins, Matt Forssander as Extra, Kyoto Garcia as Extra, Aaron Hart as Fatty, Keith Henman as Deputy Martin, David A. Hubert as The Sheriff, Brian Keith as Danny Jabber, Zoe Kietzman as Extra, Jarrett Maier as Hooded Clown Boy, Barry Murdock Jr. as Officer Joplin, Jordan Parsons as Topper, James Timothy Peters as Trench, Laura Pointer as Extra, Vincent Prisco as Punky, Kali Rasala as Extra, Amanda Risinger as Joy / Lisa, Jasmine Russi as Extra, Maddie Severance as Extra, Nicole Severance as Extra, Matthew Shutske as Extra, Ogunde Snelling as
Extra, Mark Stombaugh as Extra, Ron Tate as Cletus the Hunter, Adriana Desiree Vega as Tootz, Steva Von Braun as Mechanic Victim, Anne Wallace as Extra, Adam Weissbradley as Extra, Tim Wolak as Extra, Dallas Wolters as Carl, Jordan Wolters as
Justin Wolters
Bobby Jenkins

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