As a Martial arts Lover Movies Galore presents his view on A guilty pleasure from 1983 by Director Yen-Ping Chu “Fantasy Mission Force” aka “Dragon Attack”

Written by David Strege


I actually think this was Japans response to  The Dirty Dozen but this is cheesey at its very best.

Directed by Yen-Ping Chu in 1983 this is a delightfully colorful corny cheesy everything so bad it’s great kinda film and elements of comedy expressed from none other that Jackie Chan the legend.


A general is aware of a situation of American pows and from what I remember   Abe Lincoln being one of the names to go and rescue so this General assemble the most unlikely Motley Crew to go in and rescue these so called world leaders…

The film really begins with a Japanese man singing some weird funky song.  After the General is sent to go gather his team Lily a bounty hunter of sorts is seen playing a drinking game where each takes a drink and throws a weapon stripping a female cuffed to the wall.


Once her recieve Kent was found out she took whatever money there was and ran.  Upon returning to her current residence an old flame dressed like Elvis has shown up she smacks the shit out of him but they end up making love anyways.

Next morning the General strings Lily up to get Billy the Elvis looking Japanese impersonator in bell bottoms attention.


The general strikes up a deal and promises money and goes on his merry way meanwhile Jackie Chan plays Sammy whom we come across taking the place in a match by bringing a fake wrestling champion to the match to get away with the prize money.  It’s here that the General steps in takes the winnings to keep him and his female partner in crime Emily from prison.


Gathering up four more characters Old Sun, Stone, an army commander and his most stupidly retarded leeftenant in Scottish garb.

On their journey they run into some very arial Amazonian wooden run by just one man as well as spend the night in an warily haunted house.  Hilariously where they encounter a ghost peeper and the men have an interest wring card game with the dead who don’t like losing hehe.

In the end they end up in a fight not unlike the gunfight at the OK Coral except with Roger Coleman Deathrace Cars.

Sound like a movie up your Alley?

i enjoyed it for its corniness and sleaze,  the Amazon women were a sight to see as well as Lily in her Tom boy outfit with her double sided spear.


Starring Jackie Chan as Sammy (as Jacky Chan), Brigitte Lin as Lily (as Chan Hsia Lin), Yu Wang as Don Wen (as Yu Wang), Yueh Sun as Old Sun, David Tao as Billy (as Tao Da Way), Jing Fang as General, Shiu Bu Lia as Stone, Frankie Kao as Grease Lightning (as Ling-feng Kao), Adam Cheng as Amazon Leader (as Adam Cheng Siu-Chow), Ling Chang as Emily, Paul Chang, Hung Lieh Chen, Fu Hung Cheng, Di Chin, Pin Chin, Hsiang-ping Hu, Ti-Men Kan as
Lily’s partner, You Min Ko, Chun Kuo, Ying Lee, Kun Li, Kai-Wen Lin, Wan-Chang Lin,
Yang Tan, Ru-De Tsai (as Shui-te Tsai), Chi Tung, Ma-Li Wang.

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