Movies Galore Takes a look at Lifetime Channel director Patrick DeLuca’s House of Darkness from 2016

Written by David Strege


Directed by Patrick DeLuca this film was on lifetime as its based on true events.

Our film begins in 1957 as a group of trick r treaters dare one boy to go inside a house he does… then you hear screams…

Now in 2014 a husband and wife, Kelly and Brian, move into a new home, new neighborhood with their daughter Sarah. We see the couple is in therapy Brian having Jealousy issues and moved to this house from Sanfrancisco to recreate their marriage to kinda get to know one another again.


As they often do, Brian becomes increasingly obsessed and changes almost over night to being withdrawn and temperemental, lashing out even more so than ever…

Brian starts seeing things right away and eventually seems to have fantasies about the sexy looking neighbor who seems to be showing up for more than just pleasure of Brian’s company…

It also seems both are keeping video diaries as part of their agreement to therapy.

Sarah their daughter is also acting weird and dressing up as a trick r treater as well as food randomly shows up burnt.

it gets weirder as Kelly hears demonic sounding whispers before turning out her daughters lights saying it’ll cut off Sarah’s birds heads…

For a lifetime movie it certainly had some creepy moments and the reason I decided to watch it was it’s supposedly “based on actual events” so I feel it was a well round film. There wasn’t really a jump or scare moment but the actors and a actresses portrayed their characters well.

If you like films like this it’s up your alley it’s just unfortunate they have to keep it so  well Lifetime lol but I enjoyed it hope you do as well.

Starring Sara Fletcher as Kelly, Gunner Wright as Brian, Mykayla Sohn as Sarah, Brittany Falardeau as Jamie, Nikki Alexis Howard as Ellen, Raphael Thompson as
Clark, Thomas Rand as Mason, Jennifer Schoch as Young Ruth, James Tucker as
Officer Hicks, Honey Lauren as Adelaide, Gina Jackson as Dr. Sanders, Orel De La Mota as Officer Van Shack, Emilie Hagen as Shopkeeper, Andre M. Johnson as Corrections Officer, Marcia Moran as Ruth, Dylan Conrique as Ruth’s Daughter, Caden Conrique as Ruth’s Son, Hannah Sohn as
Ghost Mask, Lucas Royalty as Halloween Child,  Anthony Gore as Paul, Elester Latham as Clark, Mannette Antill as Ellen, Daniel Mandehr as Officer Garabusi, Dean England as Officer Kaiman, Zach Scheerer as Paramedic, Eric Corbin as Man in Pig Mask, Dario A. Lee as Corrections Officer, Caleb Caldwell as Halloween Child, Richie Marin as Dad, Mike Sanders as Paramedic, Kimberly Spak as Mom.

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