Movies Galore takes a look at “Dam Sharks” 2016 directed by James and Jon Kondelik from their premier on Sci-Fi Channel

Written by David Strege


Directed by the Kondelik Brothers for the Sci-fi channel shark movie marathon in the wake of Sharknado 4’s premiere it seems they slap together cheap films to try and thrill with bad looking CGI nightmares and goes to show you the caliber of B films they are prone to produce.

This being said the film begins in a peaceful river as we begin to see Computer generated shark fins going down stream.

Of course as expected a cute girl in a bikini is about to jump in a lagoon connected to said stream and shark jumps out of the water and eats his snack.

Meanwhile A female game warden and a scuba diver are going to check out why beavers have seemed to be disappearing from the scene as expected the scuba diver is eaten and game warden on the run.

While all this has been happening a professor of Verizon Tech and Billionaire Tanner Brooks played by veteran  actor Jason London has brought a group of young people to the area to camp and experience the outdoors for PR.


The Game Warden known as Kate has met up with the apparently local redneck who keeps tourists away from his favorite fishing hole.

The Sharks are building a damn of human remains for the purpose of blocking them all in. Kind of a cross over between Zombeaver and Shark Night if you ask me.

Altogether a prime example of relatively goofy prime actors and actresses stuck behind what could have been an even cooler b movie if the Sharks weren’t so fake looking.  The scuba diver you could tell he was part toy, the arm that surfaced in a net plastic but I guess that’s part of the fun and makes me realize it’s not all computerized.

There was some great scenery involved and some pretty decent shark leaps so I’ll give them that. In all I guess I enjoyed the film in its corniness just wish they’d go back to creature effects not CGI. Enjoy!

Starring Paige Lauren Billiot as Skyler, Ashton Bingham as Nate, Jessica Blackmore as Kate, Kabby Borders as Joline, Corey Craig as Blake, Robert Craighead as Carl, Michelle DeMond as
Gwen, Andy Earle as Mark, Eric Paul Erickson as Kenny, Francis Gonzalez as
Jorge, Saxon Jones as Ted, Will Leon as
Burt, Jason London as Tanner Brooks, Matt Mercer as Pullman, Nicole Reddinger as Dona, Neka Zang as Stella

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