Movies Galore checks out director Mark Atkins on his feature “Planet of the Sharks” from 2016 of Sci-fi channels’ premiere during Sharknado 4 week

Written by David Strege


Another Shark film made in haste of Sharknado 4 directed by veteran Sci-fi channel’s Mark Atkins known for Asylum’s The Haunting of Winchester Mansion omaong others this film you could definitely tell was really low budget.

in a somewhat distant future where glacier melting has pretty much filled the world with water and Sharks with two colony’s still fighting to survive.

The first colony we see is definitely more advanced in tech and supplies.  The other is more Primitive and spiritually ceremonial about how they kill the Sharks but there’s an alpha shark mutated controlling the other Sharks killing off members of each.


I’d almost say this has stirrings of Waterworld and like the Eloy are as to the Mmot locks there’s always a difference between societies seperated by distance of water I wonder how our society would have survived but in any case it’s watchable.

Plus if you like hearing accents in beautiful women and think it’s sexy to hear as I do you’ll enjoy bits and pieces.  Just the story line seemed thrown together and ripped off I fear a bit too much.

Starring Brandon Auret as Dillon Barrick, Stephanie Beran as Dr. Shayne Nichols, Lindsay Sullivan as Dr. Roy Shaw, Lauren Joseph as Bea, Daniel Barnett as Moffat, Christia Visser as Dr. Caroline Munro, John B Swart as Hideo Ishiro, Alex Anlos as Nathan Terry, Angie Teodora Dick as Joanne D’amato, Ryan-Wayde Hannivalb as Look-out, Zane Westermeyer as Butcher.

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