Movies Galore goes back and recaps on Alien Invasion film “Independence Day” from director Roland Emerick in 1996!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Roland Emerick in 1996 this film was a blockbuster hit it just for its actors and actresses but also for that crazy concept of what if…


This film was also done at the height of Will Smith’s career as he was just coming off the band wagon of Starring in Men in Black. Smith plays a hardcore navy seals pilot by the name of Stephen Hiller almost Top Gunnish like in character


Jeff Goldblum who played Ian Malcolm in Jurrasic Park previously… Plays a computeristic-like newspaper reporter and divorced loner named David Levinson whom cracks a coded message that brings him straight to the White House.

David’s Ex Wife just so happens to be part of the presidential Cabinet and somehow is able to get an audience with the president along with having his estranged neurotic father Julius played by the ever comic genius of Judd Hirsch, along for the ride.

Meanwhile alien spacecrafts position themselves all over the world in every major city and because of David’s Warning saves the president and his family right before the White House is completely destroyed by a blast from a ship.

While all this is happening Captain Hiller is with his current partner as he chases a couple of bogey small craft carrying an alien that once he crashes is able to drag the alien all the way to Area 51 that is operational and recently let known to the president does exist.


Brent Spiner who played Data on Star Trek Next Generations is Dr. Okun a fairly crazy sounding long haired grey Gandalf looking geek of a guy kinda who you’d expect to of running the place shares with all of them how far they have come researching for years as they’ve had.

David cooks up a plan to give the alien computers a virus so they can take down the alien single handedly.

The First Lady was played by Mary McDonNell from Dances with Wolves I also have to mention Do u remember the make up artist in Mrs. Doubtfire who helped Robin Williams out with turning him into Mrs. Doubtfire? Yep he’s in here too in cameo.  Also Randy Quaid as Russel Casse a crop duster who claims he’s been anal probed by aliens.

I think the destruction that these aliens had created in this film is very real but we are also so frightened of the unknown    They came without warning killed the First Lady but still in the end the film brought about a unity of all countries banding together as one for their independence.


Bill Pullman’s speech to the men going up I the air to fight their last battle was epic as words can lift men’s spirits if their said right.

My only problem with the film and I guess I will always remember it for the line that Jeff Goldblum says in Jurrasic Park ” Must go faster, Must go faster go go go go go,” gets redundant as he repeats it in Independence Day.


Altogether this was a well rounded film and is enjoyable to watch once a year at least. It’s becomes Classic in my mind lol

Starring Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller, Bull Pullman as President Thomas J. Whitemore, Jeff Goldblum as David Levinson, Mary McDonNell as First Lady Marilyn Whitemore, Judd Hirsch as Julius Levinson, Robert Loggia as General William Grey, Randy Quaid as RusselL Casse, Margaret Colin as Constance Spano, Vivica A. Fox as Jasmine Dubrow, James Rebhorn as Albert Nimziki, Harvey Fierstein as Marty Gilbert, Adam Baldwin as Major Mitchell, Brent Spiner as Dr. Brakish Okun, James Duval as Miguel, Lisa Jacob as Alicia, Giuseppe Andrews as Troy, Ross Bagley as Dylan, Bill Smitrovich as Captain Watson, Mae Whitman as Patricia Whitemore, Harry Connick Jr. As Captain Jimmy Wilder, Kiersten Warren as Tiffany, John Storey as Dr. Isaacs, Frank Novak as Teddy, Devon Gummersall as Philip, Leland Orser as Techy/med asst # 1, Mirron E. Willis as Aide, Ross Lacy as Aide, David Pressman as Whitemore’s Aide, Vivian Palermo as Techy/ Med Asst, Raphael Sbarge as Commander/ Tech, Bobby Hosea as Commanding Officer, Dan Lauria as Commanding Officer, Steve Giannelli as Radar Tech, Eric Paskel as Radar Tech, Carlos Lacamera as Radar Operator (as Carlos LaCamera), John Bennett Perry as Secret Service Agent, Troy Willis as Secret Service Agent, Tim Kelleher as Technician, Wayne Wilderson as Area 51 Technician, Jay Acovone as Area 51 Guard, James Wong as SETI Technician #1, Thom Berry as SETI Technician #2, Jana Marie Hupp as SETI Technician #3, Matt Pashkow as Second Officer, Robert Pine as Chief of Staff, Marisa Johnston as Co-Worker #2 (as Marisa Morell), Michael Winther as Co-Worker #3, Dexter Warren as Co-Worker #4, Paul LeClair as Co-Worker #5, Michael Vacca as Lieutenant Peterson ( as Capt Michael ‘Chewy’ Vacca), David Channell as Secret Service Agent, John Capodice as Mario, Greg Collins as Military Aide, Derek Webster as Sky Crane Pilot, Mark Fite as Pilot, Eric Neal Newman as Pilot, Levon Uchaneishvili as Russian Pilot (as Levani), Kristof Conrad as Russian Pilot, Kevin Sifuentes as Tank Commander, Elston Ridgle as Soldier, Randy Oglesby as Mechanic, Jack Moore as Mechanic, Barry Del Sherman as Street Preacher, Lyman Ward as Secret Service Agent, Anthony Crivello as Lincoln, Richard Speight Jr. As Ed, Barbara Beck as Monica Soloway, Joe Fowler as Reporter, Andrew Warne as Reporter, Sharon Tay as Reporter, Peter J. Lucas as Russian Reporter ( as Peter Jozef Lucas ), Yelena Danova as Russian Newscaster, Johnny Kim as Korean Newscaster ( as Derek Kim ), Vanessa J. Wells as Newscaster, Jessika Cardinahl as German Video Newscaster ( scenes deleted ), Gary W. Cruz as Video Newscaster, Ron Pitts as Video Newscaster, Wendy L. Walsh as Herself, Christine Devine as Video Newscaster, Mark Thompson as Video Newscaster, Ernie Anastos as Rex Black, New York Newscaster, Kevin Cooney as Atlantic Air CINC, Rance Howard as Chaplain, Nelson Mashita as Japanese Tech, Jeff Philips as B-2 Pilot, Sayed Badreya as Arab Pilot, Adam Tomei as Sailor, John Bradley as Lucas, Kimberly Beck as Housewife, Thomas F. Duffy as Lieutenant, Andrew Keegan as Older Boy, Jon Shear as Thompson (as Jon Mathews), Jim Piddock as Reginald, Frederick W. Barnes as Himself (as Fred Barnes, Eleanor Clift as Herself, Jerry Dunphy as Himself, Jack Germond as Himself, Morton Kondracke as Himself, John McLaughlin as Himself, Barry Nolan as Himself, George Putnam as Himself, Eric Michael Zee as Northridge Field Reporter, Pat Skipper as Redneck, Carlos Lara as Farmer Kid, Mike Monteleone as Butler, Lee Strauss as Elvis Fanatic, Lisa Star as Woman on the roof, Malcolm Danare as Intellectual on roof, Arthur Brooks as Trucker on Roof, Michael Moertl as Theif (as Michael G. Moertl), James J. Joyce as Master CPO, Joyce Cohen as Kim Peters, Julie Moran as Herself-‘entertainment tonight’ reporter, Robin Groth as Flagstaff News Anchor, Richard Pachorek as LAPD Helicopter Pilot, Gary A. Hecker as Alien Vocal Effect (voice)(as Gary Hecker), Frank Welker as Special Vocal Effects (voice), Jonathon Adler as Secret Service Agent ( uncredited), Janette Andrade as Teen (uncredited), T.D. Antoine as Pilot (uncredited), Kevin Ash as Cab Driver (uncredited), Erick Avari as SETI Chief (uncredited), Greg Bronson as Police Officer at the White House (uncredited), Roy Milton Davis as Homeless Guy (uncredited), Dean Devlin as Eagle 2 Pilot ( voice )(uncredited), Darren Dochterman as British News Translator (uncredited), Volker Engle as Man in Office (uncredited), Bob Freind as Himself – ‘Sky News’ Anchorman (uncredited), Jeffrey Gold as German Fighter Pilot (uncredited), Michael Haddad as Trailer Trash (uncredited), Bart Hamatake as Malitiaman (uncredited), Andre Harper as African (uncredited), Lincoln D. Hiatt as Colin Barclay ( uncredited ), Jay Hopkins as Man in Crowd (uncredited), JonatHan Khan as Pilot (uncredited), Jalil Jay Lynch as Man Staring at Alien Ship (uncredited), Darin Mangan as Staff Sergeant (uncredited), Joe Martinez as Son of Air Force Pilot (uncredited), Scott McKinley as Joint Chiefs of Staff (uncredited), Karolyna Madina as Presidential Adress Attendee (uncredited), Ralph Moratz as High Ranking Officer (uncredited), Bryan Moss as Israeli Fighter Pilot (uncredited), Roy Newton as Pilot (uncredited), Gary Pike as Helicopter Passenger (uncredited), Darla Rae as Protestor – Omni Hotel (uncredited), Nectar Rose as Stripper (uncredited), Bonnie Silco as Bride (uncredited), Tadao Tomomatsu as Big Hat Guy On Tower (uncredited), Michael A. Valenzano as Young Pilot (uncredited), Tracey Walter as Tech/ Med Asst #3 (uncredited), James With as British Pilot (uncredited), James Woodson as Pilot (uncredited).

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