Do you believe in the Blair Witch? Come with us as Movies Galore camps out with Adam Wingard’s “Blair Witch” of 2016!

Written by David Strege

Lionsgate surprised us this year with a sequel to now cult hit from 1999 “The Blair Witch Project” about a group of film makers that go into Burkittsville, Maryland woods to seek out the legend of the witch herself…

It was such a hit people wondered if they really had disappeared.  But the film not only was a hit it changed the whole way horror films were made, may not have been the first found on footage film as it followed films like Cannibal Holocaust from 1980 and The Last Broadcast from 1998 the year before but it definitely paved the way to how films are made today.

So “Blair Witch” which picks up where the last film left us were Heather James’s as we learn is his sister is he thinks she’s either still out in the Blair Woods or so he feels.

James finds this video on the Internet of a video that was found in an area where this so-called house that was actually not found by  the searchers and the police at the time the videos were found of his sister and her group of filmmakers.

So James gets together with his friend Lisa who is also a filmmaker who is interested in making a documentary about finding Heather what they find when they go in and search for her.

We see James and Lisa meet up with his best friend Peter and his lady friend Ashley as they prepare to go off and track down the video upload her of the recently found footage.

What they didn’t know was that in order to take them out to the location of where they found the video part of the deal would be that they go with.

As they trek further they have a few minor setbacks like Lisa hurting her foot and those noises were heard during the night they found they been pranked by their guides and seperated.

But that only made matters worse as their GPS made them go in circles friends disappeared and the house that they were searching for ultimately appeared out of desperation and James had to go inside the house as this was what he come here to do…

As far as scares go I feel like there was like one actual scare.  As far as what is actually attacking them in the original film, they’d keep us in the dark as to what actually happened with camera angles and shadows… In this sequel the first half was certainly predictable.

I feel like we could have been shown more of what was transpiring as we are shown only glimpses… But there were definitely some creepy undertones and mild suggestions.

I did enjoy the ending but here again there is almost a similarity to those whom are left as there was in its predecessor.  All together it was enjoyable but I felt it was short and wanted more… I will however admit that there was one or two humor spots due to James’s freind Peter but that’s all I’ll say.

I’ll leave it up to the next viewer but it certainly didn’t pack a wtf like the first…

Starring James Allen McCune as James, Callie Hernandez as Lisa Arlington, Corbin Reid as Ashley, Brandon Scott as Peter, Wes Robinson as Lane, Valorie Curry as Talia.

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