Movies Galore Goes Schlock as they take a look at William Winckler’s 2005 wink to Universal Horror films “Frankenstein Vs. The Creature From Blood Cove.”

Written By David Strege


Before I write my review I must admit some personal feelings that I feel I was wronged by this director.  When I was first establishing myself with trying to get to know directors I’d added him as a freind to share in this journey I feel as a fan every one of us has a right to get a chance to be friends with our favorite directors.

I’ve learned now who are the directors I like as to how friendly they can be towards their freinds. Our editors personal page was hacked and then suddenly because he had to find a new page he wasn’t allowed to be on his so called family only list even though he’d done nothing untowards to him. To me this was cold and unfreindly this being said it has not tainted me from speaking of this gem it’s his loss.

Also when I’d contacted him about possibly being able to show his film at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams festival he’d given me outrageous should I say ideas that yes he would be happy to allow the film to be played but if we wanted Larry Butler to show up we’d have to pay for the actors air fair and hotel stay and frankly if I was a director of I had the money to and wanted my film played, I’d do anything I could to get it the attention it needed ten years down the line or not. I have respect for him as a director not as a person to be treated so coldly as a fan. It skinted my view on directors for a moment and set me back a pace at trying to be close to my favorite directors while trying to find people who will talk films in my own group.


This being said I’ll begin…. Brought to us by Director William Winckler known for “The Double D Avenger” from 2001, on a coast in California a creature escapes a Dr. Monroe and his assistants in the the cove waters below.  Apparently the drugs they’d tried to brainwash it with didn’t work as the doctor has been trying to resurrect the Frankenstein Monster using his methods of reanimation by experimenting with the escaped creature involved…

So Dr. Monroe and his assistant Ula and man servant go off in search of Frankenstein’s Resurrection Serum where they run into a gypsy woman played by none other than the still beautiful Raven De la Croix who played in such films as The Lost Empire, as well as worked with the great sexploitation director Russ Meyer.


The Gypsy woman warns them of the evil they bring to Shellvania.  Guarding over the woods of the place where the monster is buried is also the Wolfman as they here howling… Growling… And then the werewolf attacks not once… But twice… Thankfully Ula was there…

Not only does Butch Patrick make an appearance but there is an epic battle between Frankenstein and the creature as well as beautiful models in a photo shoot thrown in the mix as well as a bride for the Frankenstein monster.  Appearances by the great Loyd Kaufman and Porn Legend horror star Ron Jeremy as well…

I think the first thing I like about this film is all the cameos as well as the film being in black and white as well as NO CGI!

Secondly I love the wording for the credits are similar in style to how the old classic monster films used to be presented almost vintage.  Thought the acting was b-ish I also liked how each cast member was portrayed.  But I will have to say the fight scene of the monsters was a little drawn out and dragging its feet a bit…


I will say however the suit for the creature amazed me as much as the original suit in the original Creature From the Black Lagoon films.  Actor Corey Marshall impressed me the most and the way he moved as young as he is in this suit was athletic and great to watch I thoroughly enjoyed him in this feature.

As for the Frankenstein monster itself he’d certainly made it his own with the long hair and large body so it made him strong looking but for some reason I just couldn’t fully like this monster creation but I didn’t mind this adaptation it seemed all involved were having fun with their roles.

I recommend this for all horror fans again this is my opinion of the film and again I mean no disrespect for the director I just think with having been freinds with him for at least a year and because my personal page was hacked to deliberately tell me only personal freinds or family only was bull. Every other director whom I was freinds with ref reindeer me I considered myself a freind.  As well as the paying for an actors travel accomodations to a festival? That’s just rediculous greed… Other than that I hope you’ve enjoyed my review!

Starring G. Larry Butler as Dr. Monroe Lazaroff (as Larry Butler), William Winckler as Bill Grant (as Bill Winckler),
Dezzirae Ascalon as Dezzirae Lee (as Dezzi Rae Ascalon), Corey Marshall as the
Creature / Ghost / Werewolf / Bar Man (as Corey J. Marshall), Gary Canavello as
Percy Featherstone, Alison Lees-Taylor as
Dr. Ula Foranti, Lawrence Furbish as Frankenstein’s Monster, Rich Knight as
Salisbury, Mimma Mariucci as
Mimi, George Lindsey Jr. as Harry Granville, Selena Silver as Herself, Tera Cooley as Gabrielle, Carla Harvey as Beula, Michael Anton as Surfer 1, Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau as Surfer 2, Tom Ingram as
Soldier 1, John Abiskaron as Soldier 2, Lisa Hammer as Monster’s Bride, Sandra Dease as Club Owner (as Sandy Dease), David Gerrold as David, Writer, Raven De La Croix as Gypsy Woman, Lloyd Kaufman as
Bar Drunk, Ron Jeremy as Bar Man, Butch Patrick as Transformed Werewolf (as Patrick Lilly), Mel Lewis as Soldier 3, Jim Adan as Office Staff, Maria Salvati as Waitress, Mike Clark as a Bar Patron, Richard Magnotta as a Bar Patron, Jeff Berkwits as a Bar Patron, Koji Fueta as a
Bar Patron, Paul Vito Abato as a
Bar Patron, John Hatherill as a Bar Patron, Michael Ziton as a Bar Patron, Eddie Ed O’Brien as a Bar Patron (as Eddie O’Brien), Jeff Scott as a Bar Patron, Josh Smith as a
Bar Patron, Ryan Patrick O’Donnell as a
Bar Patron.

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