What is normal to you? Movies Galore Ponders this as we take a look at Richard Griffins 2013 film “Normal”

Written by David Strege


Jim looks like your everyday run of the mill person you see on the street as your next day neighbor, friend, pedestrian.  Everyone has a madness I don’t care if your a saint, Søldier, nurse or doctor, principal or student. No one is safe from dark thoughts. Killing is of different nature… Everyone can kill but a completely evil person inside out and no soul?


How often do we get to see a window into the mind of madness… Through dreams? Or the reality of our mistakes… These are the questions that Richard Griffin who brought us such titles as Exume, Creatures From The Hillbilly Lagoon, Atomic Brain Invasion, Sins of Dracula, explores in his 2013 release from Scorpio Releasing through the eyes of Jim.

Jim lives in an apartment building with what at first we see as other tenants.  As the film progresses we realize they are not just tenants but Jim’s greatest mistakes… Though to him well they weren’t mistakes…


This was a look into the mind of a serial killer not unlike Norman Bates, or Ed Gein.  As always I enjoy Griffin’s films I don’t think I’ve watched one yet I haven’t enjoyed in some way shape or form.

My only problem was even though Michael Reed pulled it off to the best of his abilities I kept thinking to myself even though he pulled off the normal look and feel of the psychopath was he sinister enough for when it was supposed to count. In the end he did but he started out acting too nicey-nice but i think he really got into the role eventially.


My favorite moment was when he was laying down, his head next to the tenant Kate, Jim seems to spend the most time with also his favorite… And the conversation they had while musing…

Altogether I enjoyed the darkness this film portrayed with the ghosts living in Jim’s head and recommend this film for all horror fans as its more of a thriller and slow burn for independent films but it certainly hits it’s mark.



Starring Michael Reed as Jim, Sarah Nicklin as Shelley, Nathaniel Sylva as
Tom, Elyssa Baldassarri as Kate, Shannon Hartman as June, Samantha Acampora as
April, David Canavan as Young Tom, Christopher L. Ferreira as George (Age 18), Patrick Keeffe as David, David Langill
as Night Clubber, Joseph Oliveira as Night Clubber, John C. Quinlan as Young Jim, Ben Royer as Jim (Age 17), Monica Saviolakis as Lucy, Rich Tretheway as Steve, David Erin Wilson as George.

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