Movies Galore Takes a look at Horror Networks Jimmy Weinholz New film “Door To Door” from 2016

Written by David Stregeimage

Brought to us by T.B.B. Studios and the Horror Network Directed by Jimmy Weinholz  for 2016 this is a moralistic horror film of a different nature.  My first job was selling Cutco Cutlery door to door but this sales man is selling your soul….

I’d almost call this an anthology as it appears a mysterious door man in a trench coat and suitcase selling a drug to people in need of help but not in a good way…


Monica and Jill help their father run his store, one day he tells the girls Jill will take over as owner for the season. Monica is clearly upset and whiny storms home.  She hears a knock on the door its the doorman.  He tells her he has something to help as she is envious and hands her a pill bottle. She refuses at first but then the doorman leaves the pills behind.  Monica then proceeds to take a pill, falls unconcious, wakes up in her fathers store and is procededly haunted by a form of herself, then later wakes up to her father telling her that her sisters been in an accident…

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Aaron is an asshole to coworker, associates his own chubby wife as he sits watching t.v. and ordering her around the doorbell rings. Its the same doorman.  Hands him the pills with his spiel. Aaron takes them goes inside takes one thinking he’ll feel some kind of high.  instead he wakes up to what looks like a zombie apocalypse in between a house.  Its here we meet the demon wrath…

Katie spends her time creating fake profiles to date men as she herself is overwight when the Doorman comes to tell her of a drug where she can loose it all… she takes them and wakes up in a foggy kitchen… in what the baldish looking man starts singing skimarinkydinkydink I love you… in her own personal heaven.


I don’t want to tell the whole film as there are more tales told, but I feel these are all moralistic tales of different demons you could turn into if your not careful how you live your life… in a very weird way though this is done on a very low budget its not half bad, in fact it is one of those so bad its good kinda films.

I will say as for the acting? Jill the sister didn’t seem like she wanted to be there and was just there but its understandable as your always going to find people who dont want to act. I just think a goody two shoes sister could have acted more goodie two shoes with enthusiasm. but as far as direction goes and writing? these are some greatly written and woven tales.

I certainly enjoyed this film for what it is… kinda in the style of tales from the crypt or Creepshow.  I thoroughly recomend this film as its yet to come out to a format i think and feel its definitel;y worth a watch…

Hopefully you don’t get a knock on your door next!

Starring Charlie Williams as The Doorman, Pete Wittstruck as George, Cicily Miller as Jill, Jordan Cain as Monica, Michael Benson as Demon Of Envy, Christopher Brown as Aaron, Becky Fernandez as Beth, Dakota Bowers as Demon of Wrath, Ashton Towne as Katie, Nick Shalita as Demon of Gluttony, John Kithcart as Sam, Sara Richards as Barbara, Nichole Starkey as Janelle and Demon of Lust, Gail Weaver as Gary, Christopher Benson as Demon of Sloth, Dave Nelson as Gene, Jimmy Weinholz as Demon of Greed, Lynette Taylor-Brown as Samantha, Andrea Hughes as Samantha’s Freind, Easton Hughes as Jacob, Bianca Chayrezvas The Demon of Pride.

Wrath,s Hunting Party: Kevin Starkey, Samantha Gonzales, Koren Cain, Joe Fernandez, Cody Clark, Becky Fernandez, Alyssa Brown, Lynette Brown, Samantha Williams, Charlie Williams, Chris Benson, Sue Rendeal, Pete Wittstruck, Sam Wittstruck, Scott Williams and Blacks the Dog.

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