Movies Galore Takes A Look At Rodrigo Aragao’s Mud Zombie Independant Splatterfest “Mangue Negro” from 2008!

Written by David StregeMangue NegroFilmed in Brazil in 2008 directed by one of the Directors of Brazil’s favorite Anthology called The Black Fables aka As Fabulas Negros, the film opens with a couple of locals boating down a stretch of water, the old man is babbling on about how the waters used to be teaming with life, and his companion looking bored shit, since he’s heard these stories a hundred times.

Mangue Negro6.png

We then switch to a burly crab hunter, plodding through the mud trying to find the last evasively elusive crabs. He also manages to come across a dead, rotting body. Which is great. Next we’re introduced to Luis, one of the main characters in the movie, the other being  Raquel the local Beauty or la Belle of the area, which our boy Luis has a crush on. Rachel lives with her invalid parents in a small wooden shack, her mom is bed ridden, and her dad is in a wheelchair.

Mangue Negro2.png

The local crab Merchant, whom found the dead body earlier, visits Rachel’s dad to get his new stash it is then we find ouit that the crab hunter is actually Rachel’s brother. Unfortunately, Raquel’s brother has, not only just lost a stash of crabs, but met some local undead villagers.

Mangue Negro8

Rachel’s brother, scratched and mauled to pieces, ends up at Luis’ place where he talks about being attacked by dead people. He then, dies and becomes the first undead zombie  that we see, and let me tell you, he’s not the slow lumbering zombie of old Night of the Living Dead, no, he’s an aggressive big fucker who rips his way through a door with his bare hands.

mangue Negro9

The two local fishermen that we met first, have  a run in with zombies and the old man with the same stories, ends up meeting up with Luis and Rachel and the trio have to try and escape their zombie ridden swamp but Rachel wont Leave without her parents even though she is quite warned to leave by all.

The acting isn’t  Oscar winning, but I couldn’t give a rats ass about that, the story is great, the effects are excellent for this being a cheap movie from Brazil and there’s no CGI! Ultimately the effects range from aging makeup, Which I’m quite sure the two elderly women in the film are or were probably played by men, through to the obvious zombie makeup, but there’s also some nice animatronic zombie stuff, a zombie who seems to be controlled puppet-likearring, and even a touch of good old stop-motion animation! Very Cool!

Mangue Negro7.png

I enjoyed this film and recommend for all horror film fans!

Starring Ricardo Araujo as Valde, Marcelo Castenheira as a Mud Zombie, Walderrama Dos Santos as Luis da Machadinha, Markus Konka as Agenor dos Santos, Andre Lobo as Dona Benedita, Antonio Lamego as Antonio, Kika Oliveira as Raquel(as Kika de Oliveira), Mauricio Ribeiro as Don Alba, Reginaldo Secunda as Batista, Julio Tigre (as Julio Tigre)











Movies Galore takes a look at forgotten bizarre animation ‘Marquis’ from 1989 take a look…

Written by David Strege

What is interesting about this french 1989 animation is the person behind which the film is about.  The famously imprisoned Marquis de Sade.

Directed by Henri Xhonneux filmed in Belgum, France with the animation help of Roland Topor who’d previously brought to us in 1973 his work on le Planete Sauvage known to us in english as The Fantastic Planet, this film is basically based on the writings of the imprisoned Marquis de Sade while imprisoned in the Bastille Castle Dungeons.

In real life he spent fifteen years in the Bastille.  But here he is a dog.  His jailer a mole.  Imprisoned for defecating on a cross the Marquis was even further imprisoned and accuser of raping Justine a cow.  Many of the French guards look like roosters.  As this is before the French Revolution it’s almost funny because roosters prance and so did french royals of the times.

In any case the Marquis has a peculiar relationshionship with his penis throughout the whole film which has a face and a name, Colin.  When he isn’t whining of not being satisfied he is telling the Marquis stories of which he has written down.

What is suggested is that the Marquis de Sade was imprisoned wrongfully to cover up the King of France being the father of Justine’S Child.  Don Pompero a man of the church and High esteem as well as Gaetan de Preaubois the one in charge of the Marquis sentencing as they both discover the ribald erotic etchings of the Marquis and quickly disperses them under the pseudonym Sade.

The tagine used in the US release was “a bizarre tale of sex, lust and the French revolution.  I think that this film is well over looked as an artistic film of sorts as I believe there are parts of it that mock the people of the times as well as imitates the progressive change France was undergoing.  Not just in the monarchy but in the thoughts and erotica writings of a man they seem to enjoy throwing back in prison time after time again.

 It’s no wonder he had so many repressed urges.  From his mole jailer who just wanted to to be anal raped by Colin.  To Justine the cow who got caught up in the blackmail scheme and her unabashadly falling in love with the Marquis through his sadistic erotic writing.

This was absolutely not an animation for children as it borders on exploitation and sexploitation.  But I believe it totally deserves a mention especially since there is a huge connection to Fantastic Planet the animator behind that classic can be so dirty minded.

I enjoyed this weird vibe tale of macabre derived from the writingsame of an obviously perverse person in nature.

I also think the costumes the men and women behind the costumes were pretty unique as even t h ought they strangely resembled animals and like I’ve said before almost mock the individual they were imitating I believe they created a world of democratically libertarian society.  As well as the story of Juliette de Titane and her uprising of Revelusionaries…

I recommend this film to be at least seen to believe it it’s no joke and enjoy!

Soon people are wondering whom this Sade is for the writings have become popular.  I have to say this was the most bizarre animation I’ve come across.

Starring Francois Marthouret as Marquis (voice), Valerie Kling as Colin (voice), Michel Robin as Amber (voice), Isabelle Wolfe as Justine (voice)(as Isabelle Canet-Wolfe), Vicky Messiah as Don Pompeo (voice), Nathalie Juvet as Juliette (voice), Rene Lebrun as Gaetan de Preaubois/ Bernardin (voice), Bob Morel aS Pigonou (voice), Roger Crouzet as Lupino (voice), Willem Holtrop Willem (voice), Eric De Sarria as Jaco (voice), Henri Rubinstein as Orleans (voice), Peter Fischer as Poulets (voice), Hans Mauli as Poulets (voice), Jacques Bouanich as Poulets (voice), Jean-Daniel Boucry as Poulets (voice), Philippe Dumond as Clients (voice), Serge Blumental as Clients (voice), Philippe Bizot as Marquis/ Willem, Bien de Moor as Justine/ Juliette Gabrielle van Damme Ambert/ Bernardin, Olivier Dechaveau as Don Pompero/ Lupino, Bernard Cogniaux as Gaetan de Preaubois/ Orleans, Pierre Decuypere as Pigonou/ Jacquot.

Movies Galore Takes a look at short film “Here Lies Joe” directed by Mark Battle for 2016

Written by David Strege



Directed by Mark Battle from 2016 this short film from Sweven Films.
The first thing I felt about the story this tells is this has a girl, interrupted crazy type feel to it having been a mental patient before myself there is certainly that special kind of crazy that inadvertantly seems to exert itself every once in awhile…
Meet Joe.  Average.  Older.  About to suffocate himself… in his car as the film begins… Carbon Monoxide poisoning… or is he…
Meet Z the ultimately disrespectful obnoxiously and poetically spontaneous suicidal who thinks shes ugly in a beautiful world…
Meet Carol who tried to kill herself with multivitamins…
Meet Bill suicide chair leader for today…
I think that this film shines a ray of hope for those with thoughts of suicide as there are often darker thoughts that come with the depression…
Often unliked, pressured by a society always trying to be right… loneliness is man’s curse but can also be ones drive to be succesful.
I liked this film not only because of its Moral subject matter but because it reminds me of how human we really are.
I recommend to see this film if you can it’s inspiring…
Starring Dean Temple as Joe, Andi Morrow as Z, Timothy J. Cox as Bill, Mary Hronicek as Carol, J. P. Valenti as Terry, Kristie Stumpf Rork as Suicide Anonymous Group Member.