There’s something Rotten in Aaron Carters “Dead Kansas” 2013 Apocalyptic thriller Movies Galore says…

Written by David Strege

So it’s not often Movies Galore gets requests to do reviews but I’m happy to supply an opinion if I can.

Dead Kansas it turns out was originally a five part web series but the director turned it into a feature film and well here’s my thoughts…

Glenn and his daughter Emma have just killed what they call a Rotten somewhere in Kansas, meanwhile Jebediah and his Posse Zeke and are rounding up and restless as Emma and Sally are the only females in camp…

In Act 2, Emma comes up out of her shelter and ends up having a scuffle with a rotten. I think I like the idea that they are being called a Rotten instead of a zombie and everytime a rotten is around you know because it’s in black and white then it goes back to color.  meanwhile Jebediah thinks that Glenn left them and the rest of the camp to the rotten by locking them out.

Emma is then seen driving a pickup into town to get her father to a hospital.  a band of misfits that seem to be part of a carnival in fact I believe the little guy in the top hat is or was in American Horror Story:Freakshow as Meep and Infantata. As well as Irwin Keyes who plays the Giant whose played in many recurring roles including a role on The Jeffersons whom is now deceased as of July 8th 2015 R.I.P.

After Jebediah in the end of act 2 continues to fuel his mistrust of Glenn being behind the bad things happening in Act 3 we see Emma continue on her journey to find Dr. Emerson to help her pa. Played by a different actress this time Emma is walking along side a young African American named Skinny as they talk about their different experiences him saying it hit the women first as they both got attacked by the Rottens.

Now Jebediah and his goons are still after Emma and Glenn and have found out her location thinking Glenn was among them but not before the good doctor was about to tell Emma a key ingredient to a cure was with his trusty servant Rusty played by the same actor who played Zeke in the first act.

After the kidnapping of Emma, Rusty, Skinny, and Dr. Emerson awaken feeling like they were that close to a cure while back in camp Emma is caged in her underwear to the watchful eye of Jebediah.

Rusty kind of reminds me of Kernel Sanders a bit and skinner reminds me of the faun in The Chronicles of Narnia but with hatchet and pitchfork in hand they hatch a plan with a man from the camp as he lets out the So called Rottens as a decoy as Rusty and Skinner Resue Emma From the cage…

Act 5 begins with a dream of Emma’s Father meeting her down the road cured and well…  And apparently this is a recap on a little about how Jebediah and Glenn were before the Rottens took over…

Ultimately I think this was supposed to be a longer series and take off more than it did but sadly it just became a feature film but there is some great indie actors we see as well as some seasoned actors that we saw in bigger and greater parts either way earlier or later like Squeak as Meek in American Horror Story: Freakshow.

If you’re in for a tale with freaks and Rottens your in for some definite comedy as well with some of the characters being a bit corny along with Jebediahs obsession with Glenn and his family before and after the infestation.

Bon appetite!

Starring Irwin Keyes as Giant, Ben Woolf as Squeak, Juliette Danielle as Rebecca, Erin Miracle as Emma, Alexandria Lightford as Emma, Aaron Guerrero as
Glenn, Michael Camp as Jebediah, Kevin C. Beardsley as Zeke and Rusty, Joe McQueen as Skinny, Anthony Della Catena as Leo, Adam Ledezma as Adam, Juan Martinez as
Ramone, Jose Blackman Jr. as Tiger, Darryl Dick as Doctor Emerson, Jorge Barba as Posse, Theo Boyle as Posse, Argel Cota
Posse as Marc Easter as Posse, David Senescu as Posse, Michael Senescu as Posse, Jay Olsen as Freak, Keisuke Akizawa as Freak, Jacob Lightford as Freak, Joshua Lightford as Freak, Juan Alcazar as Posse, Cal Alexander as Posse, Ed Callahan as
Pool Player, Aaron K. Carter as Bar Patron, Romeo De Lan as Leo (as Anthony Della Catena), Norman Hayes as Posse, Laurence Jonathan as Posse, Kwas as Bartender, Madison Mendez as Young Emma, Paul Menegay as Posse, Steve Mittleider as Posse, Chris Morris as Posse, Renee Mullins as Bar Patron, Diego Navarro as Posse, Melissa Nazarian as Bar Patron, Brittany Pastor as Dart Thrower, Denise Johns Rayl as Busty Bar Patron, Benjamin-Jack Smith as Posse (as Ben Smith), Jose Torres-Estrella as Posse, Amanda Valles
as Bar Patron, Bryan Matthew Ward as Posse, Laura E. White as Bar Patron.

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