Now Movies Galore takes a small trip back to Brazil for Joel Caetanos 2013 film “Encosto” aka “Black Magic Spell”

Written by David Strege


So what led me to this director? None other than the Brazilian anthology As Fabulas Negras aka The Black Fables for his segment “Blood Bond.” Which won three awards in 70 festivals and twenty countries.

Produced by his own company RZP Films along with working with Rodrigo Aragio on Effects Caetano plays a man apparently infatuated with witchcraft and the dark arts.


After performing some kind of ritual this man wide eyed gets startled as if someone is watching him. The man runs outside all the while paranoid looking behind him as if something is following him.


No matter where he goes though he isn’t safe… What kind of evil did he conjure up?

for 7 minutes this entertained me though I wish there might of been some talking I don’t think now that it’s needed. It was very quick and to the point and to make the man into the demony shadowish type creature was pretty cool. Great job to the special effects and how demonic you looked Joel way to go!

i recommend for all horror fans to check this out was a pleasure.

Starring Joel Caetano.

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