Movies Galore takes a look at “A Dubious Night” director Nelson Tony Oliveras 2014 his second short film”Loss”

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Milwaukee director Nelson Oliveras with T.O. Media Films from 2014 this is his second film as Once an Afternoon was his first .

Everyone has had to deal with the loss of somebody close but nothing compares to the loss of owns own child and the greif that comes afterwards.  How do we deal with it.  How can we move on. How can we forgive…


We see Tom sitting on a river bank deeply thinking… As the film starts.  Tom keeps having flashbacks of what we don’t know but we slowly learn that his wife Sally was either texting or talking on the phone, son Gabriel in the car, son in a coma then told that son died due to too much brain trauma.

All of this was being told to a pschiatrist as to how things were going at home.  Ultimately I think this has two morals one that you don’t text and drive and two no matter how you try to help someone sometimes the bad ends up happening reguardless the advice being given.

As Far as the acting goes I’m not a director but if I was any kind of a husband? When my wife was sitting there rocking away I’d of been a bit more conscious of how she’s feeling but then again death makes people do funny things. Also as to the journey of grief a father goes through even as far as falling off the wagon into drugs…


Did I enjoy this film? It was kind of sad it was relatively a decent look at the pain of loosing… Loosing someone so precious and innocent. I think this is a prime example of what one could go through…

I will let the viewer decide though enjoy!

Starring William Cairns as Tom, Ricardo de Herrera as Psychiatrist, Daniel Hass as Josh, Elizabeth Havican as Sally.

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