Movies Galore take a look at “Loss” and “A Dubious Night” director Nelson Oliveras’ first film “Once an Afternoon” from 2013.”

Written by David Strege


I first met Tony at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival for his A Dubious Night Short Film. Turns out he knows my Aunt and so did the writer Mark.

Being as this was his first film Nelson Oliveras a local Milwaukee film maker teamed his T.O. Media with Psycho Boots Productions as well as 2 Much Movement Studios to film this 2013 film.

But I wouldn’t be doing him justice if I didn’t review his previous efforts as well.

As the film begins we see two men one driving one riding all dressed in black.

The older man and younger are talking back and forth about a job we find out the older mans name is Bill, younger man Ryan they arrive at a destination.

They are Associates for an apparent mob. What these two men do not know is the woman named Ellie they are about to meet is not what they expect not what they can handle…


Again this wasn’t what I originally expected the outcome of the film. The film starts out with a convoluted conversation between a hit man and his underling protege. Then turns out to have more mystery. I personally want to see more of this is the future.

I will also remember the eyes of the one lead goon I know he wasn’t wearing any glowing contacts or anything of this nature but they were very distinct.

Well done!

I’ll leave it up to the viewer to decide whether they enjoy this roughly about 11 minute short. Enjoy!

Starring Allison Chicorel as Ellie, Daniel Hass as Ryan, Matthew Nichols as Bill Jayden Erdem as Toby, Jezse Galan as Under Boss, Luis Matos as Goon.

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