Movies Galore now goes Local and takes a look at local film director Michael Viers “Love You Still” from 2013

Written by David Strege


To be honest I’m still fairly new to the short film scene but from what I’ve seen of it all I’m loving every minute of it.

Last year or summer Milwaukee Movie Talks Chris House and Stephen Milek invited me along to two of the local festivals.

It was at Ross Bigleys annual Short Film Festival that I first met this young inspiring director briefly… But it was later at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams festival that I saw his film From The Darkness Theatre and as well as having him as a host during the program with his visual presence among other things…

After From the Darkness Theater he aspired to direct this short film in 2013 with Milwaukee Film and Collaborative Cinema.


A fisherman is out in a great expanse of water he is sad pulls into what looks like an island coast after not catching anything.

As he walks pulls in we notice the name Alice on his boat as he walks to his apparent present home he begins to remember a life in another time and a woman he used to love…

i think I enjoyed the simplicity of this film for this speaks of another loss one that time never seems to fail to remind some of us. The loss of time. Some time we can get so busy with moving up with our careers the we forget the simple acts of our loved ones that tend to be ignored or forgotten over time.

you could see this man was heartbroken by the time that was lost.

i recommend you see this film if you haven’t. I’ll let the next viewer decide whether they like it or not. Enjoy!

Starring Amanda J. Hull as Alice, Simon Jon Provan as Young John, Rick Richter

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