Movies Galore Stops in at “Papa Primo’s Apocalyptic Pizza” a short film directed by Bill Robertson from 2016!

Written By David Strege


You know this is why I started enjoying short films you never know what your going to expect but I have a tasty little treat for you from Cygnafilms Bill Robertson from 2016.


So basically the title says what in the film but I’ll give ya a synopsis.

Papa Primo is preparing a pizza when he gets a phone order and drops his dough… in walks a stammering hooded figure while a skinny young man looking like Melvin the Mop Boy, runs by outside away from some undead zombies only looking for dinner.

You can see the comedy start to be portrayed half way in and as its a short film I could see it as being a snippet to a larger film based around characters dealing with or around the pizza parlor.

I also like the Italian music flair of music behind the film.  Gives it an old fashioned sense of clarity than if you put punk music or rock.  So ultimately I liked it in the end and want to see more.

I’ll leave that up to you the viewer and hope that others enjoy it too enjoy!

Hello is this pick up or delivery…

Starring Andrew Confair as Papa Primo, Kevin Lepka as Dennis The Delivery Boy, Scott Geiter as The Doomed Figure, Richard Lawson as The Bearded Zombie, Chris Beacon as the Bald Zombie, Nathan Maldonado as the Security Guard, Zina Michelle Martin as the Blonde.

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